“To the Wonder” trailer & nom/”To the Wonder” avance y nominación

One more nomination for Javier/ Una nominación más para Javier:

Thanks for the info Princess 🙂



Alan Arkin – Argo (Warners)

Javier Bardem – Skyfall (Sony)

Michael Fassbender – Prometheus (Fox)

Philip Seymour Hoffman – The Master (Entertainment)

Tommy Lee Jones – Lincoln (Fox)


Now, the trailer “To the Wonder” (the narrator is Javier 😉 )

Trailer “To the Wonder” (el narrador es Javier 😉 )

Release Dates/Fechas de Estreno (more to come/se publicarán más)

12 April/Abril 2013 (USA/Estados Unidos)

22 February/Febrero 2013 (UK/Reino Unido)

27 June/Junio 2013 (Italy/Italia)

30 May/Mayo 2013 (Germany/Alemania)

6 March/Marzo 2012 (France/Francia)

Source, fuente: Screendaily, youtube, movie trailers


2 thoughts on ““To the Wonder” trailer & nom/”To the Wonder” avance y nominación

  1. Hmm..most of the things I have read about the film aren’t that good but what surprise me most about this trailer is that they choose him as the voice over. He’s telling a sort of sermon, right?
    Sorry, but.. LOL… it seems like his dialogue coach in this one was
    Mrs Nespresso/Nintendo/Campari/Lancome/etc. etc. etc. He doesn’t sound very good, in my opinion….in Skyfall his English seemed better. But, since my English isn’t that good either lol…I’d like to know your opinions about his english and accent in Skyfall and in this trailer.

    Some Skyfall videos…

  2. I think that the trailer is beautiful. I realize that Malick is not for everyone and this will not be everyone’s cup of tea. But I can tell that it will be mine.

    Javier’s English both here and in Skyfall sounds fine to me – and I am an American. I think that his voiceover is part of a sermon. That is what is sounds like. His voice and the words are beautiful.

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