Javier Bardem at the Goya Awards/Javier Bardem en los Goya

Pics of Javier at the red carpet, receiving the award for Best Documentary and presenting the award for Best Picture. More to come.

Fotos de Javier en la Alfombra Roja, recibiendo el Goya a Mejor Documental y presentando el premio a Mejor película. Más por venir.



Javier at the press room *By the way, I took this picture. In case you are thinking of posting it on your websites. For once in your life, try to find the info by yourselves, ok?*

Javier en la sala de prensa *por cierto esta foto la tome yo, por sí la “encuentran” en twitter después de horas de búsqueda…. Traten de buscar las fotos e información por uds, mismos ¿sale?*

This is the 6th Goya that Javier receives and the first one as producer.

Este sería el 6to Goya que Javier gana y el primero como productor.


Source, fuente: EFE, rtve, twitter


2 thoughts on “Javier Bardem at the Goya Awards/Javier Bardem en los Goya

    • No, no, no. I’s my mistake. Maybe I didn’t express correctly what I was trying to say. 😦
      That’s a tv capture, I was watching the press conference on my computer and I “took a picture” of that moment.
      Mainly, it was a “note” for those people who visit the website and then they copy and paste the info and the pics in their websites “just like that”

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