Javier Bardem’s star/Javier Bardem recibe su estrella

I’ll posted more, ok? This is just the beginning 😉

Click the link to watch the first pictures. Hope you can see the event. The ceremony just took 20 minutes but it was worth it 🙂


Pondré más cosas, ¿ok? Esto es sólo el principio 😉

Den click en el enlace de abajo para ver las primeras imágenes. Ojalá hayan visto el evento. La ceremonia tomó 20 minutos, pero estuvo bien 😉



Datos sobre la ceremonia/Data on the ceremony

Javier Bardem’star  is the 2, 484./La estrella de Javier es la número 2, 484.

The star is located at 6834 Hollywood Boulevard in front of the El Capitan Theatre/ La estrella está localizada en el 6834 de Hollywood Boulevard frente al cine El Capitan.

November 8th was declared Javier Bardem’s day./Hoy 8 de Noviembre fue declarado el día de Javier Bardem.

Source, fuente: walkoffame


2 thoughts on “Javier Bardem’s star/Javier Bardem recibe su estrella

  1. I thought he did a great speech, I know he thinks his English isn’t very good, but I’ve never had a hard time understanding him, I think he speaks a little slower to make sure he says the correct words which maybe makes it easier to understand him. To be honest I have a harder time understanding Antonio or Penelope because they speak faster. I also saw the Graham Norton show and loved it, of course I’m a huge Judi Dench fan, I love how Javier seems to be in awe of her. I get to see Skyfall on Sunday and I can’t wait. Conan show tonight.

    • The Graham Norton show was great, right? Graham Norton is very funny. Hope you can see the movie soon. I loved it but I won’t say more cause I would like to discuss and exchange opinions,ok? 😉

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