Madrid Skyfall Photocall & Premiere

Click in the link above/Dar click en el enlace de abajo

I’ve added more pics of the photocall in Madrid/He añadido más fotos del photocall


Pics of the premiere/Fotos de la premiere en Madrid



Source, fuente:Getty, Agencias, Wenn


7 thoughts on “Madrid Skyfall Photocall & Premiere

  1. Bad news all of Javier’s appearances on the talk shows in the US this weekend have been taken off the guest lists, these were shows in NY so it doesn’t surprise me. I know the airports are completely bogged down, so it appears maybe he’s not coming to the US this week.

    • It is too bad but I am not surprised. Things are not good here. But Javier will be in LA next week for the Star on the Walk of Fame so perhaps he will make some appearances on shows that come out of LA (Jay Leno?).

  2. He’s still scheduled for Conan next week. Does anyone know if their is going to be a premiere for Skyfall in LA?
    I’m not surprised about the Ny stuff being cancelled, my sister-in-law lisves in the city next to Hoboken and her electricity comes on and off and she is now going to have to take a ferry and a bus to get to work, but at least she didn’t get flooded.

  3. What day is he going to be on Conan Cat? I haven’t heard anything about an LA premiere but it could happen. It is too bad about all of the NYC things but this isn’t the best place to be right now. Hoboken is really bad.

  4. Thanks for that link Cat. I didn’t notice it yesterday. We will have to watch out for pictures of the premiere on Monday. I hope that Javier will be on the Charlie Rose show.

  5. I’m hoping he’s on Charlie Rose also, since he is also promoting his documentary I think they would have a lot to talk about, thought they do like to talk politics.

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