Hollywood Walk of Fame star…/Javier Bardem recibirá su estrella …

Javier will receive his star on November 8, 2012 at 11:30 a.m.

The event will be live streamed via the offical site walkoffame.com

Keep you posted 😉


Javier recibirá su estrella en el Paseo de la Fama el próximo 8 de Noviembre, 2012 a las 11:30 a.m.

El evento se transmitirá en vivo via web en el sitio walkoffame.com

Sí no pasa otra cosa, les mantendré informados con todos los detalles del evento 😉

Source, fuente: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce


4 thoughts on “Hollywood Walk of Fame star…/Javier Bardem recibirá su estrella …

  1. Wow that’s great news, I knew he was getting one but I thought it would be next year. I’m kind of wondering if any of the New York events are going to happen, the east coast is a mess right now (we live 4 states in from the east coast and getting horrible winds), so I hate to think what they are dealing with right now I hope Princess is okay I believe she an east coaster.

    • Thank you for your thoughts Cat. Yes, I live in the heart of the storm. So far, I am doing okay. My sister is staying with a friend because it is possible that her house is in very bad shape. She couldn’t stay there because the house is very close to the water.

      Regarding Javier’s NYC appearances – I wonder if they will postpone the premiere and the events here.

      I am sorry that I didn’t give more info on the Son of the Clouds event (my cell phone is a simple one that doesn’t take pictures). I had a bad week at work and was very tired. Then I came down with a bad cold and then I fell and hurt my knee. So my apologies but I am glad that Sarah was able to post videos of the event. The film is very worthwhile and should be seen. I think it comes out in itune on November 13th.

      The Graham Norton show on Bond will air this Saturday night at 11 pm (Eastern time) on BBC America. I know that it was posted here but if you want to see it on TV there will be chance to do so.

  2. Sounds like you had a rough couple of weeks (at least you got to see Javier), you and your family stay safe and I just DVR’d the Graham Norton show.

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