Skyfall Photcall in Paris/Photocall de Skyfall en Paris

Pictures of the Photocall in Paris.

Javier will be, in a fews hours, giving his first interview in France. I’ll post the link of the interview, as soon as, the website post it 😉 More details check the twitter account.

By the way, there is going to be one more premiere. This time is going to be in Madrid (October 29th). Keep you posted 😉


Fotos del Photocall de Skyfall en Paris.

Dentro de una horas se transmitirá una entrevista a Javier Bardem en una televisora francesa. Pondré el enlace de dicha entrevista, tan pronto el sitio web la suba a su página web. Para más detalles chequen el twitter.

Por cierto, habrá una premiere más, el Lunes 29 de Octubre el turno será para Madrid. Los mantendré informados. 😉

More pics, click in the link above/Más fotos, dar click en el enlace de abajo.



Source, fuente: PacificCoastNews


One thought on “Skyfall Photcall in Paris/Photocall de Skyfall en Paris

  1. Here’s a link to some cute photos of Javier and Craig drinking beer for some promo interview.
    I saw a comment from a poster on one of my celebrity blogs I get on and she went to the London premeire and said Javier was even hotter in person and he seemd to be having the most fun. I wish there was a sight that had the whole promotional tour dates on it, though I wonder if Javier will do much more from Madrid and NY, it looks like most of the cast just showed up for the London premiere.

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