Interviews/ Entrevistas

The “Skyfall” promotion has begun and the updates won’t stop  😉  Keep checking the site more often, ok? 😉

Thanks for the info, Cat! 🙂

La promoción de “Skyfall” ha comenzado y supongo que habrá muchas actualizaciones por aquí 😉  Así que, chequen más a menudo el sitio, ok? 😉

Click in the pic in order to watch the clip/ Dar click en la foto para ver la entrevista

Ahora una entrevista en español (interview in spanish)

Now in english (entrevista en inglés) 😉

Source, fuente: ET; youtube; amoelcine; jakethemovieguy


4 thoughts on “Interviews/ Entrevistas

  1. Okay I promise this is my last link for the night, but it’s a clip of Javier and Daniel interacting, yes Javier is crazy. Be caredul if you don’t want to get “spoiled” about this movie, on IMDB people that have seen the movie in the UK are starting to spoil the movie on the site, I usually avoid the posts that say spoiler but some people just like to post stuff without warning or in the title.

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