More pictures/Más fotos

I´ve added more pics. Click on the link above.

Fotos del set de “The Counselor” in Alicante. Dar click en el enlace de abajo.



Source, fuente: AKM


3 thoughts on “More pictures/Más fotos

  1. Hmm…sorry…but he looks really horrible… even worse than in Skyfall (and I didn’t think it was possible).
    It seems that he has just become a supporting actor (no starring roles in years), typecasted in playing (mostly) weird looking bad guys with bad and ridiculous hayrstyles.

    • Hi, Rose!

      It’s nice to see you back 😉
      As I said in the first pack of pictures I posted. He looks terrible, I don’t know why the directors or producers are thinking. They might be thinking his acting skills are going ot be better with a horrible hair or what? LOL

  2. On one of the gossip sites I frequent they were calling his hair “The Nolte” which is never a good thing. It is definetely not one of his best looks.

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