Dining in London. Cenando en Londres

Javier & company had dinnner in a restaurant in London. They were accompanied by Cameron Diaz.

Javier estuvo cenando en un restaurante londinense.


Since Javier is filming this movie, he hasn’t been able to go to the red carpet in Venice and Toronto. Unfortunately, most of the reviews on this film (To the Wonder) are very bad.  We can only wait when they decided to release it in theaters.

Here are some photos of Javier recording the voice-off for this film.

Ya que Javier está filmando en Londres, no le ha sido posible asistir a la alfombra roja de venecia y Toronto. Se dice que los críticos destrozaron la película y que Javier sale muy poco en ella. Solamente queda esperar a su estreno comercial en cines. Mientras les dejo una fotos de Javier, grabando la voz en off para “To the Wonder”.

Source, fuente: Grosby Group, playgroundstudio


One thought on “Dining in London. Cenando en Londres

  1. Actually, all the reviews are not very bad. Some people love it and some can’t stand it. That is the typical reaction for a Malick film. One blogger said that several distributors have reacted warmly to the film, which means it should have a US distributor soon. It has already been sold to most of the rest of the world.

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