Javier Bardem on GQ; Javier Bardem en la portada de GQ

It’s been a while but here I am talking about Javier again. This is the cover of GQ magazine and Javier is on the cover. In addition, I would remind you that today begins the Venice Film Festival, which it will present the Terrence Malick film “To the Wonder”, although, so far, none of the actors have confirmed their attendance.

Después de no tener noticias frescas de Javier, terminamos el mes con la portada de la revista GQ.
Además, les recuerdo que hoy empieza el Festival de cine de Venecia, en la cual se presentará la película de Terrence Malick “To the Wonder”, aunque, hasta el momento, ninguno de los actores ha confirmado su asistencia.

Source, fuente: GQ magazine


5 thoughts on “Javier Bardem on GQ; Javier Bardem en la portada de GQ

    • Malick is … **rolling eyes**. Anyway…
      Let’s see what happen, cause nothing is for sure. The same thing happened to Adrien Brody and he found out (at the premiere of the movie) that all his scenes were cut off.
      I don’t remember the exact day of the premiere but the movie will be released the next week.

  1. To the Wonder will have its premiere on Sunday, September 2nd. Javier is listed as one of the four main cast members. So I am sure he is in the film. All of the actors who were cut are not listed. Also, I read on various sites that he will be in Venice. We should know more in a few days.

  2. Actually I’m betting it’s kind of a kick in the pants to some these actors when they get cut out of a movie, but I think Javier will be in it, I just hope the movie isn’t so out there that theaters in the US won’t show it, I don’t even remember seeing Tree of Life showing anywhere in my state. Hoping to see Javier in Rome.

  3. I am sure that it will eventually be shown in US theaters. How wide it will go is another story. When actors sign up for a Malick film they know they might not be in the final cut. Most of the actors mentioned as being cut had very small roles.

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