New “Skyfall” international trailer/Nuevo trailer de “skyfall”

Yes!!! In this trailer you can see Javier, not just a shadow. Cool!!!

¡¡¡Sí!!! En este nuevo trailer ya podemos ver a Javier y no solamente una sombra o una escena express.  ¡¡¡Genial!!! 

Source, fuente: Youtube


6 thoughts on “New “Skyfall” international trailer/Nuevo trailer de “skyfall”

  1. I can’t wait for this movie, of course I’ve been a Bond fan for years. Javier looks perfectly evil, but the blonde hair, Oh God how horrible, but it does give him a creepier look, what is it with him and his hair? This past week has been good for Javier news, with the announcement of Mallick’s film opening at Toronto and the Bond trailer.

  2. The blond hair makes him look ultra creepy. I guess that is the idea. It is a very good trailer. Malick’s film will also screen in Venice. And The Counselor has started filming in London with Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt. So Javier should be on the set soon.

  3. Here’s a link to a new pic of Javier in some sort of glass jail, apparently in Bond’s world bars are not good enough:)

    • It has been all over the web that Javier is no longer attached to The Dark Tower project. It seems that he has dropped out of it and Russell Crowe may take his place. I am happy about this because I just don’t think this was a good project for him.

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