Javier Bardem protests against…/Javier Bardem se une a la protesta…

Javier Bardem protests against the economic measures of the Spanish Government.

Javier Bardem se une a la protesta en contra de las medidas adoptadas por el gobierno español.

Source, fuente:EP, El Mundo, Agencias


10 thoughts on “Javier Bardem protests against…/Javier Bardem se une a la protesta…

  1. Well…maybe he really should stay away from these things. Have you read the TONS of insults he’s getting on twitter for that? They are so silly (and always the same things!). Like I said I don’t like most of his brother Carlos’ comments on twitter but what I’m reading against them is just unbelievable and idiot. It seem that for all these Spanish idiots Javier Bardem (and family) is the devil…it’s incredible all the hate he gets. Anyway…maybe he’s OK with getting all this trash from his cowntry, at this point.
    He and his family have their faults, of course….but SPAIN IS REALLY A COUNTRY FULL OF ORRIBLE BIG IDIOTS !!!
    I wonder why he still goes to events like this when then he only gets more and more trash and hate….

  2. Soy española y me parece que lo que dice Rose es de una falta de educación tremenda,se que no me vais a publicar el mensaje,más que nada por censura,nunca veo aqui ningun comentario que no sea de Rose o Cat,eso es lo que me hace dudar de esta web.Pero leyendo comentarios como los de esta chica te hace comentar en esta web aunque el comentario nunca vea la luz.A mi Javier me parece un buen actor,pero eso no quita para que como persona no me agrade en absoluto,yo no soy de las que insulta pero me parece muy hipócrita por parte de el ir a este tipo de manifestaciones cuando el no vive con menos de mil euros al mes.Coherencia señor Bardem.

    • No había visto los comentarios porque tengo cosas que hacer y no estoy metida en el blog 24/7.
      Aquí no hay censura, los mensajes deben ser aprobados porque luego me llenan los posts de spam y de sitios que ni al caso. Así que antes de juzgar, hay que averiguar ¿estamos?
      Aquí se puede opinar bien o mal sobre el blog, y lo repito, lo único que no voy a publicar son groserías, comentarios obscenos, falta de respeto o publicidad gratis para quién sabe quién.
      Ahora, los cometarios de Cat y Rose son los que más ves porque son las que opinan más, así de fácil, pero sí revisas hay otros usuarios que no comentan tan seguido, sin embargo ahí están sus comentarios.
      Una vez que yo apruebo a un usuario, los comentarios siguientes de ese usuario se publicaran de inmediato, claro, a menos que tu dirección IP cambie o cambies el nombre de tu usuario o mail.

  3. First of all, I’m a very poilte person…but if the other “chica” thinks otherwise…well, she may be right…
    Bardem and his family have many faults of course and, like I already wrote, I don’t like most of his brother Carlos’ comments on twitter, but this don’t change the fact that the comments I read on twitter about his presence at this protest are mostly really bad, idiot and ignorant and they say more about who wrote them than about Bardem. I wasn’t insulting Spain or all Spanish people…so I really don’t understand where was my lack of politeness, I was just expressing my opinion about those Spanish persons who wrote those comments. Let me understand, they can say whatever they want and I can’t?
    That said…this is the last time I’m writing on this board because I see that my comments here may be read by people who….well, better if I don’t say more…

  4. I am on this sight because I love Javier as a great actor. I also love this sight because I get to talk to other people from other parts of the world, does that mean I understand the religion or politics of their country..no, but I love learning about it.. I saw Rose’s comments on the post earlier today but since I don’t speak or read Espanol or know very much about Spain’s politics I didn’t comment, my feelings about actors an politics are not great, I feel Javier is portraying a Sean Penn of the US, he seem committed to his causes and the little guy, but yet you will see them on a yacht or on a private island the next day, as much as I love Javier I would rather not have him preach to me unless he lives my life. If he wants to give to the needy go ahead, as for the Sahari relief he’s fighting for good for him, I hope he keeps it up.
    Rose, I hope you are not serious about not coming back to this board, i would miss your comments, plus Javi has a couple of movies coming out this year. There was a poster a couple of years ago that obviously hated Americans and I put up with her comments and moved on and still actively comment on this site. I am on this site because I love Javier and his acting and I don’t know why anyone else would be on it or not feel they couldn’t comment on it with the rest of the posters.
    We are all human and come from one planet, split by land and water, but yet the same species, the world will not be better until we take the ugliness out of it and learn from each other.

  5. Rose has said something important. People have the right to express their opinions but WE have the right to agree or disagree.
    If we are the only ones who comment here, well… I don’t care, do you?
    Don’t go girls, ok? 😉

  6. I love Javier as an actor but I also applaud him for taking a stand. He obviously does not care what people think about his protesting and neither does the rest of his family. I certainly hope that no one leaves this site because the more the merrier. And everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Now for a rumor: A few weeks ago I saw something on Twitter. It was in Portuguese and I used an online translator. It said that director Fernando Meirelles was making a film about Ari Onassis. This I know to be true. But it also stated that he wanted Javier to play Onassis, Charlize Theoron to play Jackie and Michael Fassbender to play Bobby Kennedy. I don’t know how much of this is true but if it is it could be a good thing.

  7. That’s an interesting rumor, I can see Javier playing Ari, I was just thinking the last movie Javier starred in as a lead actor was Biutiful, which he shot the fall after he won the Oscar, since then it’s just been bit parts, I’m sure his role will be big in the Bond movie, but he will still be supporting to Daniel Craig and it sounds like this new movie he’s getting ready to shoot is a supporting role to Micheal Fassbender’s main character.

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