Skyfall Official Trailer

The rumors were true, Javier doesn’t appear in the trailer (Well, at least I didn’t see him). But, this is the 1st trailer, I imagine there is going to be another one… I think 😉  Hope so, I want to see Javier’s performance.

Update: I’ve seen the trailer again and it seems Javier does appear in the trailer. There is a scene which there is a house on flames and there is a silhouette. That’s Javier’s shadow… I think so LOL 😉 what do you think?

Parece que al final los rumores fueron ciertos. Este es el trailer de Skyfall, pero no aparece Javier (o al mnos yo no lo ví). Imagino que este no será el único trailer y que en unas semanas más lanzarán otro… Eso espero 😉  Ya quiero ver la pelí  😉

Nota: He visto el trailer otra vez, y parece ser que Javier sí sale… bueno, más bien su sombra. Hay una escena en la que está la silueta de un hombre y atrás hay una casa en llamas. ¿Ese es Javier? Bueno, eso creo  😉  ¿Qué opinan?

Source, fuente:SonyPictures, youtube


9 thoughts on “Skyfall Official Trailer

  1. Yes, it’s his silhouette….but the trailer it’s just only about Bond/Craig.
    It’s a Bond film so I understand it, but even so, a bit more of the other characters would be interesting. Well, we’ll see what happens wuth the next longer trailer.

  2. I posted that earlier in the day on your site, but it never showed up, but yes that’s Javier’s silhouette, I’m excited for the movie, I’m hoping there is a lot of Javier in it. I’m ready for him to take a starring role in something good!

    • I posted that earlier in the day on your site, but it never showed up

      Sorry, Cat. 😦
      The comment isn’t anywhere. I checked the spam, the trash or the pending comments section and nothing. Hope this doesn’t happen again.
      Thanks for sharing info 🙂

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