Andreu Buenafuente interviews Javier Bardem/Javier Bardem en Buenas Noches y Buenafuente

The interview was great. You have to see Javier playing the bongos. Great moment!!! The show is divided in 6 parts, Javier appears a few seconds in the 1st part. The important ones are the 2nd, 3rd and the first minutes of the 4th part.

Click in the pic in order to watch the interview.

Para aquellos que no pudieron ver la entrevista, aquí les dejo el link de ésta.

I posted these clips because these topics are mentioned in the interview.

I posted the link of this video 2 years ago in which Javier participated in. In that moment my website was hosted by geocities. Unfortunately, I lost many pics, video and info during “the moving” to WordPress. Anyway, here it is the video in case you haven’t seen it  😉  Click in the pic.

Aquí está el link para ver el video musical en el que aparece Javier. Ya hace 2 años lo había publicado en el website pero como me cambie del ya extinto geocities, pues mucha información se perdió. Pero bueno, aquí está… Hacer click en la foto  😉

The official trailer of “Hijos de las Nubes” (Sons of the Clouds).

Trailer de “Hijos de las Nubes”.

Source, fuente:Antena3, MacacoOficial, dailymotion, youtube.

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