New movie in Spain/Nueva película, pero ahora en España

We don’t know if Javier will be part of “The Counselor” but  today this information came up. Javier has another project and this time it will be filmed in Spain.

After 8 years, Javier comes back to his country to film a movie. This one is based on his brother (Carlos Bardem) novel “Alacrán Enamorado”. The shooting will star May 7th, it’s directed by Santiago Zannou, and the movie will be released next year.

These are only the highlights of the story, for more info I posted a link on twitter (btw, it’s in spanish), just in case you want to know more details  😉


Mientras se concreta lo de la película “The Counselor”, Javier rodará una película en España.

Tras 8 años de no trabajar en una película 100% española, Javier filmará “Alacrán Enamorado”; historia basada en el libro del mismo nombre, escrito por el hermano de Javier, Carlos Bardem.

El rodaje iniciará el 7 de Mayo, la película será dirigida por Santiago Zannou, se estrenará en 2013 y Javier actuará con su hermano por 3ra vez.

Sí quieren saber más detalles, chequen el twitter  de este website 😉

Source, fuente: EP


2 thoughts on “New movie in Spain/Nueva película, pero ahora en España

  1. Well, they are making a big deal out of it to publicize the movie but, from what I read in El Pais’ article, his role will be very small, it will probably be just a cameo. And, unfortunately, his role in The Counselor won’t be a big deal, either. I read some articles with infos and comments about the characters and then I found the PDF with the script. It’s not the kind of stuff I like, but even worse, I have to say that the character he’s supposed to play (and I think it’s a done deal, at this point) isn’t
    very interesting or large, he’s called Reiner, has some overlong and boring dialogues with the counsoler/Fassbender and then…he dies rather soon. I can’t believe Deadline, wich is a pretty accurate site, had those articles talking about the “hot villain role” that many actors where lining up for! It’s not the antagonist in the movie and the role isn’t hot or very interesting….at all! Even worse….he will be completely overshowed by his “goddess of sex” wife, who will have an hell of LEAD character, the best in the movie. That silly and inaccurate THR’s article says super woman Cruz will play Fassbender’s love interest….and I really can’t believe how inaccurate can be these articles, while pretending to give “exclusives”. Fassbender ‘s love interest is a rather small character called Laura, is American and it’s just Cruz opposite. No, she fits perfectly the description of the female lead….a dark femme fatale, dark haired and Argentinian born, called Malkina. She’s a badass, violent, hypersexualized, disgusting character….she has even a dirty sex scene WITH A CAR!?!!
    Reiner and Malkina are lovers, but she’s the boss obviously and he’s scared of her.
    Everyone is saying that Malkina is an hell of character, very juicy and meaty, by far the best in the movie and one of the best female’s characters of the latest years. And she has really a lot of screentime…. in the last part of the movie, Fassbender disappear completely and it’s all about Malkina/Cruz. So, it seems obvious, that Malkina/Cruz is the one who will get all the attention and the acclaim (and the awards), overshowing everyone else, when the movie will come out. Who knows….this will probably be the role which will give her a second Oscar, but in “Best Actress” this time.
    What to say, it’s very disappointing that, unlike her, it seems he can only get supporting (and not really GREAT) roles. And the thing that bother me more is that Cruz always have “her sexuality” helping her to get good or great roles. I hope you understand what I mean.
    I don’t think I’ll watch the movie, too dirty and violent….and yes, there is Fassbender….but I really don’t want to watch the “goddess of sex” having sex with a car! But I know I’m in a minority….that scene will have millions of views on youtube. LOL

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