Javier out & about/Javier disfrutando de Londres

Thanks Cat, for the info 😉  !

And I found more pics (Candids section)

Encontré más fotos (Sección Candids)

Source, fuente: CW


10 thoughts on “Javier out & about/Javier disfrutando de Londres

  1. Nice pcture. Thanks Cat. If they were having dinner with Ridley Scott then I would say there is a very good chance that Javier is in serious talks to star in The Counselor. There were articles saying that Javier was Scott’s first choice for that role. I hope that it works out.

  2. I’m hoping he does another movie soon and he had pretty good luck with Mcormacks last book. The first Skyfall trailer is supposed to be out next month, I’m assuming it will probably get played a lot in the theatres this summer. Here is a short clip that was on the 007 facebook page. http://www.007.com/exclusive-skyfall-on-set-interviews/

    I wish he would comb his hair, but it’s great seeing him in some interviews and out and about, though i wish I was me on his arm:)

  3. According to an article that was on the web a while ago, Scott wanted Javier to be in the film because he knew that Javier was familiar with how to handle Cormac McCarthy’s work.

    The word on the web is that the US trailer for Skyfall will debut with Men in Black 3 on May 25th. But it should hit the web before that.

  4. i thought the Counselour was a McCarthy book, but apparently it’s a screenplay so I have no clue what the full story is about but I hope he signs on, but I’m not a huge Pitt/Jolie fan so I’m not happy about rumours of both of them being involved, hopefully both are not in it, or forget about any of the other actors being publicized in it, in the states you are overunned by those two!

  5. I guess Brad P is also a producer on the movie, so he is already involved with the movie, Javier does have a man-crush on Brad so maybe that will be the selling point for his being in the movie. Shooting is supposed to start in June so hopefully we’ll hear if Javier has signed on to the project soon.

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