First pictures. Javier in Skyfall/ Primeras imágenes de Javier filmando Skyfall


Javier filming some scenes of the new James Bond movie, “Sky fall”. The pictures can be found in the Candids page.

What do you think? Javier looks different  😉


¡¡¡Por fin!!!

Primeras imágenes de Javier filmando “Skyfall”. Las fotos están en la página Candids.

¿Qué les parece? Javier está irreconocible  😉


Source, fuente: TBDC


8 thoughts on “First pictures. Javier in Skyfall/ Primeras imágenes de Javier filmando Skyfall

  1. Well, this has nothing to do with the film but I have to say it.
    I’m often reading his brother Carlos’ tweets and I have to say that I DON’T LIKE HIM AT ALL.

  2. Javier looks like a true “Bond” villian, i actually love the blonde hair and yes he looks skinnier, I’m still trying to figure out what uniform he’s wearing, is it a Bobbies uniform? Of course I’m a huge Bond fan. Rose I don’t understand what you are saying about Carlos’s tweet, I’m not on twitter is he hanging on his brother’s coattalis or what? I need the details!!

  3. Well Cat, you know, my english isn’t good so it’s difficult for me to explain things well. I try to explain why I don’t like Carlos Bardem.
    No, it has nothing to do with his brother, he rarely mentions him.
    It’s just that he’s continuously talking about politic (first of all) and many other things pretending to be ALWAYS right. He just seems to me an arrogant (and often rude) person. And I’m not saying he isn’t right at times…but it’s not just what he says, it’s more the way he says it that I don’t like at all. He’s also very often talking against the Pope and Catholic Church with very rude and offensive/insulting words….now, I’m not a very Catholic person and I disagree with many things the Church says and does/has done but reading the “nice” Carlos’ words make me almost “support” the Church! LOL
    It’s almost “funny”, at times, reading him arguing with other people (and it happens very often), using bad/offensive words and calling people “fascists”.
    I see and understand that very often he got tweet’s replies from idiot and rude, intollerant persons…but it’s just that many times he really doesn’t seem to me more “tollerant” or polite than them. He seems a too “integralist” person, I hope you understand what I mean.
    Too much politic, too much integralism and, sometimes, too much rudeness…I don’t find him likeable at all.
    Javier and him are very close….and I wonder how many things his personality has in commun with his brother.

    On the other hand, I was reading some Ron Howard’s tweets (to see if he was still saying something about The Dark Tower project) and I have to say that he really seems a polite, nice and likeable person.

  4. Rose,
    Your english is perfect and I completely understand what you are saying about Carlos, To be honest I’m not overly religious or political so I don’t like people that try to push their beliefs onto me, but this probably explains a lot of the hate towards the Bardem family. Sean Penn is very vocal about politics in the US and he gets a lot of bad press for it.
    I was reading more about the Bond filming and it sounds like they are finished in Britain and will start filming in Turkey later this week, it was great getting a peek at Javier, but now I have more questions about his character, I hope we get more photos of him shooting the movie.

  5. Yes Cat, my exactly toughts too. And it’s incredible all the hate that get their mother Pilar! LOL

    About the movie…I have read those things too, I hope we’ll get some more pics but I’m not too optimist about it. But, who knows, maybe in Turkey he’ll have more external scenes…we’ll see…
    I’d like to hear about some new project too….

  6. I haven’t had time to read the comments but I see you’ve been busy LOL 😉
    I agree with you. I don’t like Carlos comments either.
    They say “I don’t like this or that, I disagree with this or that” but they own expensive cars, houses, clothes, etc. All the things “they hate”. Anyway…
    Hope we can enjoy more pics of the shooting of “Skyfall”.
    About the Malick’s movie I just hope he includes Javier’s scenes, cause this director is so…***Rolling eyes***
    I know that Adrien Brody worked with him and he found out at the premiere of the movie (The thin red line, I guess?) that all his scenes were deleted. “No se vale” :-/

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