Press conference & more pics/Conferencia de Prensa y más fotos

Thanks Rose for the link 😉

Click in the pic.

Note:In the page you must click the tab “Video interview”. And the pics are in the Events section.

Dar click en la foto para ver el video. Las fotos están en la sección de Eventos.

Nota: Ya que estes en la página, dale click a la pestaña “Video interview”.


Source, fuente: Official Berlinale


8 thoughts on “Press conference & more pics/Conferencia de Prensa y más fotos

  1. My english is poor, so I don’t understand some things. What the interviewer asks here after the question about the favourite leading ladies? I just understand (maybe) “at some stage”, but what’s the whole question?

  2. The interviewer obviously didn’t do her research before interviewing him, because she asked him if he was ever going to act with his wife, which obviously they’ve already acted together, just not while being married. I hope this helps, she was talking pretty fast so she might have been confusing him. I’m getting pretty excited about the new Bond and I hope he doesn’t take off another year or so before he acts in another film.

  3. Thanks Cat, I was thinking it was something like that but wasn’t sure.
    About Bond…I don’t konw…there aren’t pics or sightings of him on set (just Craig and Dench), so who knows how “big” his role will be. And it doesn’t seem there is another film in sight in a near future…so strange he can’t get a good LEAD role again, his latest was in Biutiful and they filmed it 4 years ago. So, in 4 years, just a couple of supporting roles…very disappointing….

  4. I guess will get to see him in Mallick’s film, but I doubt his role is very big in it. I think his role in Bond will be good sized one, the main bad guy usually gets good screen time. I wonder if the reason he’s not done much filming is because of this documentary, it sounds like he was pretty involved with it, hopefully those people will get justice.

  5. I just read it, too. I don’t think he will be the one taking the role….but it’s really bad that the only thing Hollywood seems to have for him are “bad guys” roles. It doesn’t seem his career is going in a good direction. You would expect that, after Biutiful, he’d get good roles with some important European’s director, at least…but nothing…just bad guys.

  6. It’s my personal opinion but the industry sees Javier just like the “latino, hispano, español” (whatever you want to call it) who only can play villains (in all their shapes) and no more. Anyway…

  7. By the way I want to through a quick shout out for Demian Bichir, I’ve seen all 5 nominees for best actor and I still love him for a Better Life, just like Javier last year he’s not got any press and will not win it, but I thought the movies was great and I loved his acting.

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