Javier in London/ Javier en Londres

Pictures of Javier & family in London. I can’t wait to see pictures of Javier shooting “Skyfall”. There are few pictures of Daniel Craig but nothing on Javier.

Enjoy the pics, they can be found in the Candids section of the gallery.

Thanks for the info, Cat!  😉


Fotos de javier y compañía en Londres. ojalá que pronto se publiquen fotos de Javier en la filmación de “Skyfall”. Ya se han publicado algunas de Daniel Craig, pero yo quiero ver a Javier en acción LOL  😉

Las fotos se encuentran en la sección de Candids.


Source, fuente: celebritybabyscoop


5 thoughts on “Javier in London/ Javier en Londres

  1. Yeah that for sure.
    And her heels? I wonder how hell these women can even walk with ridiculously high heels like the ones she’s wearing.

  2. By the way, I have to add that I don’t like his “beloved” hat at all .
    In Italy it’s called “coppola”. I remember that, when I was a child, old people used to wear it.

  3. I usually wear tall knee boots w/my sweater dresses, hers is too short and i don’t like those heels w/black hose. I don’t think Javier has any fashion sense, nor does he probably care about how he looks, but I wish he would get rid of the hat, jeans, tennis shoes and the to short t-shirts he’s been wearing all the time, he must have retired the Rolling Stones t-shirt he used to wear everywhere. His face looks a little thinner so maybe he’s lost some weight for the Bond role. Sorry about the critique’s but I’ve been on blogs all morning criticizing the Golden Globe outfits:)

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