Javier having fun/Javier divirtiéndose con el Karaoke

Yes, you are right. He attended to wedding and he didn’t go alone. His brother was with him. His brother commented the wedding was a blast 😉

Thanks for the info, Rose!!!  😉

Pic and a video of Javier & his brother singing a song of the Rolling Stone. I think Javier is trying to sing and dance like Mike Jagger LOL  🙂


Rose, una asidua visitante de este website, nos proporcionó esta información.

Javier y su hermano asistieron a una boda y se atrevieron a hacer un poco de karaoke. Los hermanos intentaron cantar una canción de los Rolling Stones. Creo que Javier trataba de cantar y bailar como Mike Jagger  😉

Foto y video del evento

Pic/Foto link


Source, fuente: FB, youtube


3 thoughts on “Javier having fun/Javier divirtiéndose con el Karaoke

  1. Great find Rose, Javier seems a little drunk, but I think his voice sounds pretty good. Love the huge belt buckle he’s wearing in the pictures, he’s staring to dress and groom like Benicio del Toro, hopefully he won’t start wearing trucker hats.
    I’ve been following the Bond twitter also, but I think they are just filming the headquarters scenes right now, I don’t think a lot of the action story is in England which is probably why only why Daniel and Judi have been photographed. I bet most of the shooting will start after the holidays.

  2. Thanks for finding this Rose. Actually, Javier can sing. Perhaps sometime in the future he will be in a musical.

    The Bond film will be a longish shoot and it seems like Ralph Fiennes and some of the others have not begun to shoot their parts yet either. You are probably right Cat. Javier will company will probably start their work after the holidays.

  3. Our he could start up a Rolling Stones cover band and tour America, Johnny Depp could play gutiar. I’d buy tickets:)
    It’s good to see how close Javier and his brother are, isn’t Carlos quite a bit older than Javier?

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