Javier received another award in NY/Javier recibe premio en NY

Last night, Queen Sofia has given the gold medal of the Institute that bears her name in New York to Ferran Adrià and Javier Bardem, and the Peruvian photographer Mario Testino, during the annual gala organized by the institution

Javier received the recognition despite his personal opinion on the monarchy, he also expressed that he is proud of beign part of a country with so many places and different colors.

The pics can be found in the Events page.


Ayer fueron entregados los premios Reina Sofía en Nueva York y Javier fue galardonado junto a Ferren  Adrià y el fotógrafo peruenao Mario Tesrtino.

Las fotos las puedes ver en la página de Eventos.


Javier recibió el premio con un discurso en el que expresaba su agradecimiento a la reina y el orgullo hacia su país.


Source, fuente: EFE


9 thoughts on “Javier received another award in NY/Javier recibe premio en NY

  1. Wow, I would think of the queen of your country was giving you an award you would get a haircut and wear a tie. Javier has not looked great for awhile, though his suit looks to big for him so maybe he’s losing some weight for the Bond role, but the hair I don’t understand, even if he needs it longer for his role, put some gel in it. Of course Brad Pitt has been running around looking like a hippie for awhile so maybe it’s the new hollywood thing.

    • I don’t know why some actors have adopted that trendy “I’m an enemy of water, soup and a comb” LOL
      He should have combed his hair (at least), and the suit looks huge but… well, that’s my “humble” opinion 😉

  2. There were some more picture of all the recipients, and everyone but Javier had a tux on, I’m surprised his wife let him leave the house in that suit. I’m hoping they were not sitting at the same table as Anne Wintour. The dirty look is definitely in right now, a celebrity tabloid ran a story this week of all the stars “dirty” secrets which is pretty funny.

  3. Anyaway, I read some Spanish articles so I discovered that he adopted that trashy look “on purpose” but not to play the “I’m an enemy of water, soup and a comb” actor LOL
    Yes, in his day by day life he dresses bad but when he goes to events or awards ceremonies he’s elegant (then, lately he never looks good because of all the weight that has gained).
    Actually, he went to this ceremony dressed so bad because he doesn’t like Monarchy e so he wanted to show that he didn’t care that much about their protocol.
    He even said this in his speech:
    “I thank the queen of Spain for this recognition over and above my well-known opinion about the monarchy,” said Bardem after receiving his award, adding that he felt “proud to be from a country with so many different places and colors.”
    In Spain they are criticizing him a lot again because of this thing and to, be honest, I think he made a mistake, too. Better to refuse the Queen’s award and not going there at all than going there dressed in that way and with that hair and beard.

    Cat, it’s funny, I read he was sitting at the same table as Anne Wintour. But he was alone, not with his superwoman wife, she’s still very busy shooting.

  4. I’m with you, if you don’t like the monarchy just say no thank you and skip the event, I guess he was trying to make a point. As for the old ball and chain a spanish tabloid I was reading said she was there.
    I like the fact that he stands by his principals and charities, though I felt he sold out a little doing those department store commercials. I still don’t quite understand his political beliefs, I’ve heard communist and republican both mentioned with his name, but those parties are pretty much different in every country, plus things get lost in translation.

  5. On the “hippie look”, don’t think I just said for him. I’ve seen other actors like Diego Luna or Gael García Bernal who used to attend to any event in that “conditions” and the press has commented on that. Javier is not the first and he won’t be the last to do that. But this time he failed, sorry!!! 😦
    I think he should have said “Thanks but not thanks”. Nobody forced him to attend to the event.
    I believe that anyone should be consistent with their beliefs and express their points of view but always in a polite way. “Education doesn’t fight with anyone”. 😉

  6. Since the US doesn’t have royals I find royal families amusing, I probably wouldn’t turn down a chance to meet one. Of course I would go all out, tiara, full ball gown, old Anna Wintour would be rolling her eyes.
    I wonder when he starts shooting Bond, I know they started some filming, but Daniel Craig and Ralph Fiennes both have big movies coming out this month so I imagine they will be on promotion tours. I’m dying to know who he’s playing.

  7. I visited a couple of Bond’s forums and shooting on the film started a month ago, but still no sight of him…so, I wonder how big his role will be.
    Anyway, he was at a wedding in Spain yesterday.
    A young guy who was a wraiter at the party tweeted this pic with him

    And then….there was some karaoke. Look at this, the quality of the video is very bad but the man with him seems his brother and he’s singing a Rolling Stones’ song, I guess.

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