New project?/¿Nuevo proyecto?

Javier may play villain in “Despicable Me 2”. He would play 2 characters, father and son named “Macho” and “Machito”. Everything is ok but the name of the characters.

By the way, Cat posted the info before everyone. Good work, girl  😉


Javier podría prestarle su voz al nuevo villano de la segunda parte de “Mi Villano Favorito” (Despicable Me). Interpretaría a un padre e hijo llamados “Macho” y “Machito”. Me gusta la idea, sin embargo, el encasillarlo en personajes con nombres tan estereotipados, me parece mala idea.

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8 thoughts on “New project?/¿Nuevo proyecto?

  1. Yes, to voice a villain called El Macho, very stereotyped….but that’s Hollywood.
    But I guess he would just voice El Macho while his son El Machito would be a very young actor.

    Princess, about this link
    I was thinking the work was for Malick, too…but it’s not that. On that site they say he went there several times and just finished the record work last week and it was for a new American director….so who knows what is about..

  2. Thanks for that info Rose. I wonder what that is all about. I wonder who the new American director is. I guess that eventually we will find out.

    Yes, El Macho is a very stereotyped name. But that is the way Hollywood works. The first Despicable Me was a big success so this could be a good thing.

  3. I’m just happy to hear he’s shooting something, and it doesn’t hurt it’s with Daniel Craig, I love him (not as much as Javier though)!

  4. There are just not that many great roles out there. They come around every two to three years. So Javier (and we) will have to wait a bit. In the meantime, this Bond film could be very good.

  5. I like the Bond series (even the ones with Roger Moore in them) and I really like the direction the series has taken with Daniel Craig, more darker and a little rougher Bond and I think with Sam Mendes directing it this should be a good one. I don’t think Javier would get typecast as a bad guy, because I don’t think he would let that happen,but I don’t mind him being a little bad.
    That was a great interview I loved the footage of him playing with the kids and I’m glad he has a cause that he has stuck to and I believe has taken a lot of flack for it in his own country. But he should take their advice and make more movies.
    As for there being few good roles out there, I believe that’s half true, I think there are a lot of great scripts and small movies out there that just can’t get the financing to make it out of the gate, and if a movie gets interest from a studio a lot of times they insist on so many re-writes or they take over in the editing room , a movie ends up being a mess. I heard that’s why D. Graig and R. Weisz didn’t promote Dreamhouse, because they were unhappy w/the final product. Look how much trouble Biutiul had just getting studio backing.

  6. Well, Cat, you are right. There are some really good scripts out there but the films have a hard time getting made because they can’t find backing. It took Biutiful months to find a distributor. But there is no lack of remakes, old tv shows, superhero films, etc. Those type of films never have trouble finding backing.

    Thanks for the link Rose. Nightline didn’t publicize Javier’s appearance because this is the first I heard that he was on. But he was a pleasure to watch!!

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