Javier in Croatia/Javier en Croacia

After spending some weeks in Sarajevo, the production of Venuto al Mondo has been relocated to the island of Korcula in Croatia. I wonder when will we see Javier on location filming a movie ? Anyway… enjoy the pics  😉

Después de pasar unas semanas en Sarajevo, la producción de Venuto al Mondo se ha transladado a la isla de Korcula en Croacia. Me pregunto ¿cuándo veremos a Javier en locación filmando una película ?

For more pics, visit the “candids” section. Más fotos en la sección “candids”.


Source, fuente:vecernji


6 thoughts on “Javier in Croatia/Javier en Croacia

  1. Here are links to two items I saw about Javier on the web this week.

    The first one seems to be definite. I read about the documentary before and it looks like it will hit the festival circuit next year.

    The second item I am not sure about but the book that the film would be based on sounds very interesting.



  2. Now that movie sounds more like a Javier type role. Getting kind of tired of seeing him following behind his wife, time for him to start working.

  3. You are very welcome.

    Yes, that does seem like a Javier type of role. I hope that the screenplay is good because he won’t do it if he doesn’t like the script. And who can blame him for that?

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