Javier & family in Sarajevo/Javier y familia en Sarajevo

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7 thoughts on “Javier & family in Sarajevo/Javier y familia en Sarajevo

  1. The baby is cute while he looks like always lately. So it seems that he definitely won’t be in Bond 23 (not that we’re thinking otherwise). Considering they start shooting in November, if he was in it, I think he’d be elsewhere doing some sort of training or, I don’t know, something to be fitter…but he’s still there and not fit…so I guess it’ ll be only and all about her for a looong time and the only things of him will be these pictures with her.

    p.s. I just was on Imdb Movie Awards and saw a post about her Oscar’s chances for this role, with this picture from the set
    Wow…Oscar number two and in a leading role this time for super Pe? Perhaps…

  2. Penelope has been attached to make this film for a long time. In fact, it was stated that Javier and/or Benicio del Toro were supposed to be in it as well. But neither one will be in this film.

    I just read a comment on Javier’s imdb page. It was something that I read many years ago. The poster said that Javier was offered a part in Spielberg’s Minority Report. He could have been a bit “Hollywood” star if he took that role. The money was excellent. But he didn’t like the script so he didn’t take the role – even if it was Spielberg. So if he doesn’t like the script for the Bond movie he will not make the film no matter how much money he is offered. He will just wait until he is offered something that he thinks is worthwhile.

  3. The part ended up going to Colin Farrell, probably a wise choice for Javier, the movie was not that great, of course I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan, in fact my favorite Cruise movie is Collateral for some strange reason:)

  4. I can’t explain EPL, that’s the one movie of his that I have not seen twice (except Biutiful whic I do plan on viewing again), but I also can’t stand Julia, she seems so full of herself. I did just watch Cell 211 which was excellent, I was surprised by the ending,

  5. I read that Javier said that after making Biutiful he needed to make a film like EPL. It was a smaller role and it was in nice surroundings and that was what he needed to do at the time. And, yes, Cell 211 is an excellent film.

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