Javier in/en Sarajevo.

Check the picture in “Candids”/ La foto está en la sección “Candids”

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15 thoughts on “Javier in/en Sarajevo.

  1. Well, I’ll answer here to Cat’s comment in the previous post.
    Exactly my thoughts Cat…how disappointing.
    Well, it seems his full time job now is being Mr Cruz…even worse, the overweighted Mr Cruz.
    I don’t think to search for news of him or visit this site that much anymore because, first of all, there aren’t news about his projects at all and then (not having any interest in her and her things) it’s really veeery annoying for me (while searching for his news) to find continuously just news about her and her many projects, etc. etc…
    I wonder when he will be on another set again after this one….very likely it won’t be too far and it will be the set of HER next film after the one she’s shooting now, of course. LOL

  2. I forgot to say that I finally saw Biutiful. The film isn’t Inarritu best work but I think Javier’s performance was really wonderful…. and so, even more, I don’t understand how is possible that he doesn’t get offers for good projects. Is he very underrated (because he’s a Latin actor with a strong accent) or doesn’t want to work …or what?

  3. I bet he get offers, even in the US market I think he’s up there on most directors lists, I think he’s picky, which is great I’m glad he isn’t doing some of the crap that Banderas has done, but the longer his name is out the cinema the harder to market him in the US.

  4. I agree…and then, it’s good being picky but he isn’t working at all. And….I don’t have any desire to talk about her, but I wonder a thing…isn’t frustrating for him being continuously on the set of her many movies while he doesn’t have projects? It would be very frustrating for me….

  5. Maybe Javier and Penelope decided that they would take turns working so that they could be together with their child. Perhaps he will work next year and she will take off. I highly doubt that Javier will retire. And I certainly prefer that he waits to get something good and pass on junk.

  6. Yes Princess…but so do you think that he doesn’t even get offered ONE (not several but just one) good project for year? It could be true and it’s really sad for an actor like him…
    As far as his wife …I highly doubt she will take next year off . She is very ambitious, much more than him and, even if she isn’t a better actor than him, she’s clearly the most powerful and the one who has a more successful career and is more in demand in their couple. So, I guess she will do at least a couple of movies next year while, sadly, he won’t have much to do again. I don’t want to seem too pessimistic but how much has he worked after Biutiful in the last 3 years? Just a couple of months, so….

  7. Even before Javier was with Penelope he always took his time making films. Perhaps he really wanted to do The Dark Tower. That would have been a big commitment. So now that this project has fallen through he has to weigh his options. Unlike everyone else on this board I like Penelope but Javier is definitely the more talented one. But he has never been crazy ambitious and takes his time choosing his roles.

  8. I’m not a fan of Penelope’s acting, some of her spanish movies are okay, but she seems to take any movie that’s thrown her way, plus all of the stuff she’s spokesperson for, Loreal and Lancome. I have to think Javier doing commercials for this department store has been a result of her persuasion.
    I don’t know about them taking turns doing work to watch the baby she has mentioned in a TV interview that she has two nannies, I’m trying to picture Javier changing diaper’s:)
    I still wouldn’t be surprised if he get’s involved in a movie project that hasn’t even been rumored yet, I’m sure whatever it is it will be pretty amazing.
    On a side note my Netflix finally got Even the Rain and Cell 211, their foreign movie selection isn’t great but it’s getting better. Rose I’m glad you liked Biutiful.

  9. I agree with you Cat – I think that Javier will get involved in a project that no one knows about yet. He is like Daniel Day-Lewis who also takes his time selecting films he wants to act in.

    Both Even the Rain and Cell 211 are great films. I hope that you like them. And, yes, Rose I am glad that you liked Biutiful.

  10. Well, he will get involved in a project sooner or later of course but it seems it will be more later than sooner, unfortunately. When it will happen hopefully he will get a leading role again, not just a supporting one like in his 2 last films.

    Yes, he has never been crazy ambitious but I don’t understand how this can match now with being with a person who is crazy ambitious about career, success, fame and money.

    I like sad movies so I liked Biutiful…I don’t know if it’s a great film but Javier’s performance definitely is.

  11. It seems that Alejandro Amenabar is due to make a new film soon – although he is another one who takes his time. I would love it if Javier would team up with him again.

    Rose, I, too, love sad films.

  12. Hi Princess….it’s funny because I always say that I don’t want to talk about her but now I have to do it again. You mention Amenabar’s new film and I remember I read on some Spanish movie sites that he wants super Penelope to be the protagonist and very likely it will happen. LOL
    So,very likely , Javier will be on Amenabar’s new film set next year but just accompanying her…again. Grrrr

    Who knows …if the Chilean miners film will go really ahead next year maybe that could be a project for him.

  13. I remember Javier mentioning that he would like to work with Amenabar again so this could be true. My problem with her is she seems to latch onto whoever is big at the time, she makes it to the states and hooks up with Cruise who was in his prime at the time, then Matthew Mcconaughey when he was the it guy and then various others (Puff Daddy even, really!) and as soon as Javier starts getting Oscar press boom she’s there, I seriously bet she thinks she’s the Spanish version of Pitt/Jolie! I bet if Javier would let her, she would have had pictures of the baby on the front of People magazine!!! Oh well that’s all the attention I’ll give to her, I’m more of a Winslett/Kristen Scott Thomas or Weisz actress fan, Hopefully we’ll hear news of a new project soon, everyone have a peaceful weekend!

  14. Hi Cat….I didn’t write well what I meant. I’m sure Javier would like to work with Amenabar again but I read on some Spanish movies sites that Amenabar wants super Penelope and not Javier for his next film. But hopefully Amenabar and him will work together again someday.

  15. Hi Cat and Rose,

    I never heard anything about Amenabar’s next film. I was just hoping that Javier and AA would work together again. Javier has said he wants to. I saw a preview today of the new Sherlock Holmes film. I heard that Javier was offered the part of the villain but I guess he turned it down. As far as I am concerned that was a smart move. I sure hope that he gets a great role for his next film. He deserves it. Have a nice weekend one and all.

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