More pics. Javier in Italy. Más fotos de Javier en Italia.

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Más fotos en la página de Candids.


Source, fuente:Vanity Fair Italia


12 thoughts on “More pics. Javier in Italy. Más fotos de Javier en Italia.

  1. Yes, this would be a very interesting role but….let’s be honest, even if the director is Inarritu, they will go for an American actor.
    I don’t think he has chances to get no Latin or Hyspanic leading roles in American movies, maybe occasionally some supporting role with few dialogue (like in NCFOM). The Dark Tower was a chance but, even if producers say they are trying to find money, I read that it is almost impossible for a so big and risky project…so, DT very very likely won’t happen anymore.
    I really wonder why he doesn’t get interesting offers in Spanish movies either, though.

    These pics of him are, once again… not so good…I don’t want to be too bad LOL

  2. How many interesting Spanish language films are being made now? Even someone like Inarritu is having a hard time getting financing and he has to take a studio film as his next project. And funding for The Dark Tower is also hard to come by. That is the economics of the film world (and everywhere else) these days. It is sad but true.

  3. Let me correct myself. I didn’t mean to say interesting Spanish films but high profile films. Javier is an Oscar winner so I guess he is trying to find films that people will see. Many foreign films are not released in the US or they play in one theater for a week or two and then go to DVD. That is the sad reality of the situation.

  4. I feel Inarritu’s film could have a mix of actors from every region in it, but as POP has pointed out he has a hard time finding financing, if a big name film like Dark Tower can’t get financing the little films have no chance.
    I was reading some old interviews with Javier and he mentioned in one that he waited for a 1-1/2 years to film his next movie I believe after The Sea Inside. I hope we don’t have to wait that long!

  5. I, too, thought about Javier for Inarritu’s new film. I wonder if they would give him the lead. He would be great in it. I certainly hope that he won’t take that long to make up his mind about his next film. Of course, he made the film with Malick but who knows when that will come out.

    An example of an excellent Spanish film that got a very short run is Even the Rain. It was shortlisted, but not nominated, for the foreign language Oscar and starred Luis Tosar and Gael Garcia Bernal. It was wonderful yet it only played in one theater for a few weeks. That is the sad state of film affairs these days.

  6. I’ve heard about Even the Rain, I’ll have to watch Netflix to see when it will be released, I’m still waiting for Cell 211 to be released in the states. I really liked Tosar in Mondays in the Sun and I’ve seen him in a few other movies.
    I was just reading up on The Revenant and it’s based on the American West with American characters so Inarritu would have do some re-writing to probably make it fit for Javier, but of course he’s playing a priest in the midwest for Mallick’s movie.
    I’m not against The Dark Tower, I just feel it will be a lot of CGI stuff and animation for all of the creatures, which usually takes away from the real actors (ex. Avatar).

  7. I loved Cell 211. It was on Time Warner Cable Movies on Demand and that is how I saw it. Such a great film didn’t have even a small theatrical release here. I hope it comes out on DVD soon. By the way, Javier’s brother Carlos is in Cell 211.

    They could make The Revenant fit to Javier if they really want him for the role.

    The Dark Tower could be terrific and that would be great for Javier’s career. But it could also turn out very badly. This film is a big risk.

  8. Yes, the characters in the new Inarritu’s movie are Americans and it’s from a novel, so I really don’t see it happen. They will go for American actors. But why are you thinking Inarritu and (first of all, unfortunately) producers would change the plot just to get him to play the lead? It will be an American actor, for sure. And, yes he plays a priest in the midwest for Malick but it’ s an original script written by Malick himself, so he made Javier’s character a Spanish catholic priest called Father Quintana and he has a supporting role not the lead. It’s different….
    Again, being a Spanish actor with a very very heavy accent makes his options of roles (good roles) very limited in American movies. Maybe with a lighter accent things would be a bit different….but it doesn’t seem that he can put his strong accent down.

  9. Antonio Banderas still has a strong accent and has been in many American movies. Of course, many of these films were not that good. Javier wants to avoid that trap. There are not tons of great roles out there period. So we will have to be patient and wait until we find out what he will do next.

  10. I’m glad Javier has avoided some of the poor role choices that Antonio has made, I’m hoping the new Alamador film helps get him some deserved recognition that he hasn’t been getting lately (though I’m equally excited about Puss in Boots, I’m a Shrek fan and Puss is my favorite character).
    I’m still kind of hoping Javier will do the Bond film even though it would be a supporting role, at least we would get to see him on screen next year (who knows when the Mallick film will get released).
    And to clear up some misunderstanding, I said Inarritu would have to do some major re-writes to make it believable for Javier to star in this movie, I’m not saying he should, I hate it when a movie is made from a book and then by the time it makes it to the screen it’s not even the same thing, it’s pretty disrespectful to the writer and fans of the book. But in Hollywood it happens all the time.
    As for his role in the Mallick movie I new he plays a priest who I figured was probably of some Hispanic or European heritage, but to be honest I haven’t read much about this film because the director is so secretive. I do feel that Javier can lighten up his accent, I understood him quite clearly in NCFOM and Vicky Cristina, he probably would just have to work with an accent coach.
    Everyone have great weekend!

  11. I, too, hope that Antonio gets some recognition for The Skin I Live In. It is good that he is working with Almodovar again.

    I read that Malick is supposed to start a new film with Christian Bale early next year. I don’t know if it is true but if it is then the other film will come out next year.

    The Bond film might be good for Javier. But maybe we will hear about some new film that no has spoken about yet. Let’s hope that we hear something soon.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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