Javier & his family in Italy/ Javier y familia vacacionando en Italia

We saw Javier, earlier this month, in a spanish beach. Now, he has seen in some italian beaches. The pictures were taken in Positano, a region near Naples. (Candids page)

Thanks for the info, Rose.  I agree with you. Javier need to do some exercise, haircut and shave.

A principios del mes de Julio veíamos a Javier en playas españolas, ahora se ha dejado ver en playas italianas. Las fotos fueron tomadas ayer en Positano, región cerca de Nápoles. (Página Candids)

Javi (como se dice por aquí) “está pasado de flautas”, ¡perdón!.



Source, fuente: EP, ElMundo.


12 thoughts on “Javier & his family in Italy/ Javier y familia vacacionando en Italia

  1. Wow some sit ups wouldn’t hurt. Of course I would die if someone took my picture in a bathing suit and then posted it all over the web. I like the baby’s fat little legs, chubby baby is cute, chubby baby daddy not so much:)
    From the looks of it Javier is in no big hurry to going back to work.

  2. Yes, everything about him seems disappointing lately,,,,he has gained a lot of weight and left himself go, isn’t working at all and doesn’t seem to have any project in a near future. Sorry if I say this again, but does he really want to become just Mr “wonderful, successfull and WORKING Cruz”? Well, even worse, the fat Mr Cruz.

    Anyway, here there are more pics in Positano…maybe you can take them and make them bigger. The site is japonese so I don’t know….but probably they will be on some gossip site sooner or later. I must say that I’m a bit “afraid” to watch them though LOL


  3. I’m spending too much time on my PC today….so I’m here again. I’m reading some Spanish comments about the pics on twitter and they are…as expected.Well…this time they aren’t unfair because he really looks bad and fat. LOL
    But I have to say that I find all the blah blah blah in the media, about how wonderful and slim she looks just a few months after giving birth, a bit exaggerrated….yes she has lost weight (and I don’t understand why he doesn’t try to do the same) but I don’t find her figure so perfect like they say. For exemple, read what they write under this pic…does she really look good here? It doesn’t seem to me LOL

  4. Maybe he is just waiting for the right project to come along. He was never one to rush into making films. He seems to like spending time with his child. The official Chilean Miners movie is in the works with Jose Rivera (Motorcycle Diaries) writing the script. I wouldn’t be surprised if Javier is in that film.

    • Who knows if this Chilean miners movie will ever come to fruition….like many other Hollywood projects LOL
      So I wouldn’t count on this film at the moment.


  5. That bathing suit is made out of Spanx, she’s lost some weight but not all of it, I laughed at some of the covers she got when Pirates came out, it was quite obvious that were photoshopped, but I guess most magazines and advertisements are.
    It always makes me feel good when you see a star with no makeup and they have bad skin and cellulite.

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