Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes ‘officially’ confirmed for Bond 23. Yes!!!!

I was more excited about this film than the other one (Dark Tower).  😉

Craig and Bardem, great combination!!

What do you think?


Ya está confirmado, Javier va a la película número 23 de James Bond. Javier interpretará al villano.

Me emocionaba más esta película que la de “Dark Tower”

Craig y Bardem, ¡gran combinación!

¿Qué opinan?

Source, fuente: Internet


2 thoughts on “News/Noticia

  1. Well, considering the source is Daily Mail, I wouldn’t call this news “official” yet.
    Anyway….IF TRUE…I don’t find this role more exciting than the Dark tower’s one.
    I mean, of course, this would be a more safe thing for him in a big franchise…but afterall he would just be another Bond’s villain. This is a bit a stereotype role…foreign/Latin actor= villain in Bond movies.
    I don’t think The dark tower will happen anymore, but in that film he would have been the lead (in a no Latin role), the one to carry the movie and, from what I have read, the Roland’s character is a very interesting one. Of course, that project would have been a huge risk commercially and with Ron Howard you can’t really be sure if a movie turns out to be good or bad. So, maybe it’s better that this project has died….
    As far as the Bond movie, we’ll see if there will be some real official confirmation soon and I think he needs to be in some big production, now. And hopefully he will get a more interesting and meaty role in a good (and not so small) movie soon.

    p.s.: sorry for my bad english.. lol

  2. I’ll believe it when the director or producers confirm it, I don’t trust the Daily Mail. I feel Javier could do both roles if he wanted since Dark Towers doesn’t start filming until next year and who knows that could change to, I think it’s a big project in a bad economy and the film industry is hurting right now.

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