Magazines section update/Sección de revistas actualizada

Old magazines scans/Revistas escaneadas

Source, fuente:Revistas varias, Various magazines


5 thoughts on “Magazines section update/Sección de revistas actualizada

    • Thanks for the link, Cat. 🙂 Yesterday, I posted other link on twitter.
      In my opinion, I think the studio is going to invest a lot of money on this project but Javier is not so “famous” in the US and maybe they are looking for another actor. I don’t like to say this but, unfortunately, there are people out there who still think Javier was in “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Watchmen”, and other ones know him as “P…. (well, you know the name) ‘s husband”. Just a few say, “oh, yes.I saw him in Before Night Falls or the Sea inside”.
      Javier is a great actor but I think he should sign for the new James Bond movie, not this one, what do you think? 😉

  1. I agree that he should not do The Dark Tower. It is too much of a long commitment and I would rather him do several other projects instead. And, I do not think he will do The Dark Tower. That is my gut feeling and it has been all along.

  2. I doubt he will do Bond, I think there were to many other names thrown out as the baddy after he seemed more interested in the Dark Tower series. I’m hoping he’s does something along the line of Monday in the Sun or Coens type movies. He seems to roll on his own speed, but I hope he films something that he’s starring in soon and hopefully not in a “sell-out” type of role. I miss seeing him popping up places, he hides well.

  3. I don’t think he will do a “sell out” type of film. I think he was very interested in The Dark Tower – perhaps because it was a challenge for him. But I, too, would prefer if he made mostly smaller films.

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