Javier & baby/ Javier y su bebé

A few days ago, another magazine published the firts pics of the baby but we couldn’t see anything. Now, HOLA! magazine publishes better pics.  I´ll scan it as soon as I get it  😉

Hace unos días, se publicaban unas fotos del bebé de Javier. Ahora la revista HOLA! publica fotos más nítidas. Subo las fotos de la revista tan pronto la consiga  😉

Source, fuente:Hola


6 thoughts on “Javier & baby/ Javier y su bebé

  1. US magazine has a bunch of them on their website. Cute baby, hopefully he will look like daddy. Sounds like we will get a big announcement soon on Javier’s next movie, there’s a lot of rumblings that he’s about to sign a contract for the Dark Towers series. I hope this project won’t keep him from meatier roles.

    • US magazine has a bunch of them on their website.

      I was about to upload the pics when I read your comment. Cat, you’re fast!!! LOL 🙂

      On the other hand, it seems that he will sign the contract for the “Dark tower” in 3, 2, 1 LOL. 😛

  2. I saw the pics, too.

    About The dark tower, I don’t know what to think…it could be either a failure or a success. So, it’s a risk but on other hand it’s a good chance as well. I mean, a foreign actor being the lead in a big project like this (and not just the antagonist) and not in a latin role is a big deal. We will see….one good thing about it is that he will need to lose all that weight he has gained lately. LOL
    I wonder if he can still do Bond 23….I hope yes but I’m not so sure.
    Hopefully he will have meatier roles, too. I head the Coens said they have a future project with him….that would be great.

  3. I haven’t read the Dark Tower series, but my husband has and he thinks Javier will be great as Roland. I doubt he will do Bond now, since the Dark Towers and Bond both are set to start filming this fall.
    Rose, I’m not to sure what the Roland character looks like, but I’m assuming in the post-apocalyptic world there’s not a lot of food so he will probably need to loose some weight.

  4. Cat, I read some comments on a Dark tower board and Roland is definitely thin….so he will need to lose weight and to work on his accent, of course.
    What a bad luck about Bond….I mean, he hasn’t done almost anything for years and then they offers him two big movies but they are going to be filmed at the same time. I wonder why Dark tower has to be filmed so soon considering it will be released in May 2013! They could film it later so he could do Bond…

  5. I’m still not too sure about this project but Javier is quite picky with his films and I trust his judgement. So i’m just going to trust him on this. But I hope that he realises the workload he’s taking on.

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