Javier in Hollywood Boulevard.

Penelope received her Hollywood Walk Star of Fame and Javier was there.

First pics of the event (For more pics check the “Events” page):

There is a link in the comments of this post. Thanks, Cat!  😉


Penelope recibe su estrella de Hollywood y Javier estuvo ahí.

Primeras fotos. Más en la página de “Eventos”:

(Ya te hice la tarea. Ya nada más las copias y las pegas en tu sitio chafita… ¡de nada! 😉  )

Hay un video en los comentarios de este post. Gracias, Cat!  😉

Source, fuente:Popsugar


3 thoughts on “Javier in Hollywood Boulevard.

  1. Here’s a link to the video of them leaving after the presentation, some good shots of Javier, plus Johnny Depp so two for one. And for Rose, Penny about lands on her butt halfway through the video because she’s wearing the most ridiculous shoes, unfortunately Javier saves her. By the way these star things are bought by the studios, when I heard she was getting one I guessed it would be Pirates premier time. There are a lot videos of this event on the web, to bad it’s not for Javier.

  2. Yes, I read somewhere how this star on walk of fame thing works….in this case it was all a Disney promo thing. Well…good for Mrs Cruz having Disney who bought her the star.
    No comment about her…it’s better.

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