Javier in LA. More in “Candids” page.

Javier en los Angeles, California. Más fotos en la página de “Candids”.


Source, fuente: Popsugar


5 thoughts on “Pics/Fotos

  1. I love Javier and I hate to say this but he has gained some weight, plus he’s wearing shoes that an old guy I work with wears, I almost miss the white crocs he wore all the time:) Hopefully he will announce a new project soon.

  2. I agree Cat….I wonder why he has left himself go so bad since last year. I mean, he never was a “classic beauty”LOL…but there was something attractive about him, he had sex appeal. Well, now I can’t see that anymore, he just looks like an overweighted middle-aged man, most of times. He doesn’t seem to care anymore. What a difference with his “goddess of sex” wife, her dress at Oscars and again her dress and attitude on Jimmy Kimmel show yesterday just scream “Look at me! Look at me!I’m sooo hooot and seeexy and I just had a baby! Wow, I’m so great!” Bleeah..

    I don’t think he will shoot something soon, maybe at the end of the year. So, since Biutiful, he just was on set for a couple of months and with 2 supporting roles… too too few, really.

      • Yes, who knows if he will go on a diet someday or he’s happy with his bell now. Maybe, he will lose weight if he will need to do it for a role. But he doesn’t work either lol….I wonder what is happening with The dark tower and Bond 23. Maybe nothing…

  3. I hope we don’t have to wait long to hear about a new project, but knowing him it could be awhile. I’m perplexed about them still being in LA, in his old interviews he always said if he didn’t live in Spain, he would probably live in France, but he’s been in the US for awhile and since Penelope is getting ready to promote POTC I can’t see them going home anytime soon.

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