TV commercial/Anuncio publicitario

Javier was in Barcelona shooting a TV commercial. There is not info about the product or company he is working with, although it seems the commercial is for a mexican company. I’ll keep you posted. 😉

Update: I know more details about the commercial. I’ll tell you tomorrow (well, later LOL) It’s midnight and I go to sleep  😉

Javier estuvo a principios de esta semana rodando un anuncio publicitario en Barcelona. No se sabe de que va el anuncio pero parece ser que es para una compañía mexicana. Los mantendré informados. 😉

Nota: Ya tengo más información sobre el comercial. Se los digo mañana (bueno, al rato LOL). Es medianoche y me voy a descansar 😉

Source, fuente:Spanish press/prensa española

2 thoughts on “TV commercial/Anuncio publicitario

  1. He should being doing movies not commercials. I’m interested to know what it’s for, I’m hoping a charity or organization. I swore I read an interview with him where he was against being in commercials or endorsing products, not that his wife has any problem with it! I guess all things change in time.

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