“The Dark Tower” news. Noticias sobre la película “Dark Tower”.

According to Brian Grazer, he told to MTV that Javier is the perfect candidate for the the film “The Dark Tower”. He also added that Javier has shown interest in the project but Grazer hasn’t confirmed if they had closed the deal.

Although the negotiations continue, it’s possible that in the coming days they announce the good news.

What do you think?

UPDATE: There is a new offer on the table.  Steven Spielberg is planning to do a movie based on the Wikileaks case. Javier could be part of this film. Uff, some many offers … what is he going to do ???


Brian Grazer declaró en MTV que Javier es el candidato perfecto para protagonizar la película “The Dark Tower”. Dice que Javier ha mostrado interés por el proyecto, pero no quiso adelantar si el trato ya estaba cerrado.

Aunque las negociaciones siguen, se espera que el los próximos días se haga el anuncio oficial.

¿Qué piensan? Javier tendría que firmar para 3 películas.

Actualización: Ahora surge un nuevo rumor. Se dice que Steven Spielberg está preparando una versión fílmica del caso Wikileaks. Según los rumores que hay en internet, Javier está propuesto para estar en esta película.

Uff, tanta ofertas pero ninguna se concreta… ¿Cuál será la próxima jugada de Javier?


3 thoughts on ““The Dark Tower” news. Noticias sobre la película “Dark Tower”.

  1. I personally don’t want Javier to do this role. Its too much to commit to (3 movies, plus 2 tv series) especially when theres a chance that it might not be successful.

    • I agree with you Louise. Making 3 movies is too much. Javier had a plan to work; working in 1 or 2 movies and wait a certain period of time to work again. However, this plan could change and now he is planning to spend more time in the US and travel to Spain from time to time.
      It’s ok he wants to do different kind of movies but we have seen what happened with “Eat, pray, love”. If he wants to make films that are not so “artistic”, he should accept the James Bond film. 😉

  2. I’ve said it before I can’t see him doing these movies because of the long term commitment. I am sick of hearing all of the Stephen King fans saying how wrong Javier is for the part, he’s a good enough actor that I’m sure he could lose the accent (he barely had one in NCFOM) and I think by looking at the cover art on the books it kind of looks like him.

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