Tons of pics/ Montones de fotos

There is not need to explain more. Go to the “Events” page for more  😉

No hay nada más que decir. Vayan a la página de “Eventos” para ver más fotos  😉


This is good one. Before the ceremony/Esta foto fue tomada antes de salir rumbo a la ceremonia.

Source, fuente:AP,  twitter, Reuters,MSN.


9 thoughts on “Tons of pics/ Montones de fotos

  1. So apparently Javier and Josh were doing a little dance when they came onstage at the Oscars, but the cameras were to busy showing Penelope so we didn’t get to see it. That would have been one of the funniest things about that whole show, what a bomb. To top everything else off we had severe storms come through my city right when the final 5 awards were given out so my satellite keeping losing the signal. I did get to see the best male presentation, but right when Colin started speaking I lost the signal, at that point I gave up. If Javier would have won I probably would have tossed my receiver through the TV. Oh well what did you guys think of the ceremony?

    • I was watching the ceremony but also I was watching the last episode of my “telenovela” on internet. I watched it during 6 months and I had to know how it would end. Don’t you agree? Viva the cable TV. At the end I saw it 2 hours later on TV. 😛 LOL
      I used my DVD recorder, the first one broke down. I recorded the moment when Javier and Brolin were presenting the award but I don’t know what happened and the disc was ruined. I lost other clips I’ve already recorded days before 😦
      I had to change the “machines” and I only could record the Best Actor Award.
      On the ceremony:
      Franco tried to be funny but he is not. And the ceremony (little by little) become very boring.
      A better solution for this could be: shorter ceremony (this one lasted 3 hours 10 minutes) and without a host.

  2. I haven’t seen it…it was night in Italy. I have recorded something, but I’m reading it wasn’ t that good and Franco was bad as host. Is it true?

  3. Ugh I hate equipment failure, I was trying to watch a live link on the web but it keep pausing. What I hate was we’ve had horrible ice storms a few weeks ago where thousands lost power and ours stayed on and then a thunderstorm comes through and there goes the satellite feed, on Oscar night!
    Rose the Oscars sucked because of poor writing, Franco looked stoned and Anne was loud and annoying. I also thought lot of the presenters messed up. They need to cut back on some of the filler stuff, just have a host come out welcome everyone and then introduce the presenters. I missed all of the shots of the stars in their seats, very few of those this year, I never saw a picture of Innaratu until I got onto this site.
    Where did you find that pic of Javier and Carlos, it looks like a “Prom Shot”, how funny.

  4. Her dress was too tight and eighties looking but at least she looked like she just had a kid. I hate the hollywood mommies that have a kid (by c-section of-course) and then fit into a bikini a month later. You know they had a tummy tuck and then do nothing but work out for 8 hours a day while a nanny watches their kid, I’m not a fan of Penelope at least she had the balls to go out in public Au natural (with Spanx I’m sure), I believe this was their first red-carpet holding hands together. On a side note what do you think about them cutting out Javier’s and Josh’s dance and kiss on tv, what bullshit!!! ABC (Disney) needs to get some balls!!

    • On a side note what do you think about them cutting out Javier’s and Josh’s dance and kiss on tv, what bullshit!!! ABC (Disney) needs to get some balls!!

      They were just dancing and the kiss was just a joke.
      I think the network overreacted. Ridiculous!!! *rolling eyes*

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