Oscar 2011

The first pics of Javier at the red carpet. I’ll post the link of the album later when I have more pics, ok?  😉

Primeras fotos de Javier en la alfombra roja. Pondré el link de estas fotos después. Estoy esperando a tener más y abrir el album, ok?  😉


Source, fuente:AP, AFP


6 thoughts on “Oscar 2011

  1. He said it is still in negotiations. I hope he doesn’t wait to long to make another movie, I know he did the Malick film last fall, but I want to see him in a bigger role. The last time he was nominated he didn’t sign for a movie until that following fall.:(

  2. Thanks Cat.
    I agree with you but I don’t think it’s going to happen soon.
    I wonder what is happening with that Dark tower thing, too.

  3. I still cannot see him doing the Dark Tower venture, two movies and a tv series, that’s a big commitment. He will probably do some movie that hasn’t even been brought up in the papers, I’m still hoping for Bond, Daniel Craig and Javier, plus if Ralph Fiennes is in I will need some oxygen. Those are three of my favorites.

  4. Yes, very probably you are right…but these DT movies would be good for him for a couple of reasons. He’d improve his accent and then…well, he’d lose wight and stay thin for at least 3 years. LOL

  5. Now Brian Grazer is coming out and saying Javier is Physiologically committed to Dark Towers, what does that mean? Maybe he will commit to Dark Towers and Bond.

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