Javier on Jimmy Kimmel Live/Javier con Jimmy Kimmel

Here it is the interview with Jimmy Kimmel:

Entrevista con Jimmy Kimmel:

Part 1/Parte 1

Parte 2/Parte 2

Part 3/Parte 3

Some screencaptures/Imágenes de la entrevista



I have to say this. Sorry, but it’s boring to hear the same questions, same anecdotes, the same “hair cut” comments, same “ACDC” comments.  Boring!!! 

Do some research 

*Btw, I want to thank that person who (all the time) is watching what I do or post in this website. I’m flattered, although you want to dismiss my comments and posts. There is a phrase from a song in spanish that says: “¿A dónde vamos a parar? Con esta hiriente y absurda actitud” . Anyway, on my behalf I just can wish you good luck  😉  *

¿No creen que estos presentadores deberían preguntar otras cosas?. Perdón, pero Javier ha hecho otras películas, además de “No country…”.  Ya aburren con sus preguntas sobre cómo aprendió inglés, comentarios sobre el corte de cabello, sobre Glee. Así como dice Horacitu: “Perdón, pero las cosas como son.”

¡Aburren!. Hagan un poquito de investigación y pregunten otras cosas 

Source, fuente:ABC, youtube


2 thoughts on “Javier on Jimmy Kimmel Live/Javier con Jimmy Kimmel

  1. I agree with you, but it was funny when Kimmel showed that pic of them at the basketball game. The interviews in those tv shows aren’t interesting at all but he made many video interviews for several movie sites where they asked him much more interesting things and that radio interview was also very good, they talked about many things, Before night falls, The sea inside, etc.

  2. Wow there must be another hater online, as I’ve mentioned to you before I love this site and talking to you and Rose and anyone else that is a fan of Javier.
    Rose I too loved the photo of the game because it made big news over here, I’m not a fan of Penelope, but according to the news sites the ball and player were about ready to crash into her and was stopped short, apparently Javier was not aware of this, the look on her face was priceless. I am getting sick of the same old questions on all of these show, but apparently like a lot of these big star javier has a waiver about talking about his personal life. I did like the whole fried chicken thing because I started to wonder if that is a typical dish around the world or something that is just American.

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