Red carpet & Ceremony pics/Fotos de la Alfombra roja y Ceremonia

Pics of the event. I’ll add more later, ok?  😉  Check the “Events” page for more.

Primeras fotos de la gala de los Goya. Agregaré más fotos al rato, ok?  😉  Dar click en la página “Eventos” para ver más fotos.


Source, fuente:Reuters


8 thoughts on “Red carpet & Ceremony pics/Fotos de la Alfombra roja y Ceremonia

  1. Great pics, except he needs to lose those sunglasses.
    I don’t understand all the hate he gets, he always thanks Spain in his speeches and besides lately seems to split his time between Spain and the US. I find it funny that after winning his Oscar the first film he shoots is in Spain in spanish, plus VCB being partially subtitled and shot in Barcelona. He’s only done a few US movies, being a small part in Collateral and EPL and then NCFOM. I think he’s far from selling out, jealously rears it’s ugly head in the spanish press.
    Rose have you seen Biutiful yet?

    • Cat, sorry for the delay.
      I’ve read your review on the movie but I haven’t had time to give you my opinion. You should have seen me last Sunday. I was watching the Goya Awards and I was checking the twitter, and I was looking for pics. It was a mess… but a fun mess LOL

      It definitely could have stood to have been cut down by about 15-25 minutes, people were starting to squirm by the end.

      When I saw the movie people started to squirm 1 hour later it started. LOL The movie is long and there are many parts of it without a conclusion or not too important to the story. For instance, the scene of the club, the music was loud, annoying and unimportant.

      On imdb there are some stupid discussions on irrelevant topics. *rolling eyes* LOL

      About the hate issue (LOL) I was reading on twitter great comments but at the same time, stupid comments. I remember one, it was in spanish but it said something like:”See! Javier received the Goya and he left”.
      I wrote a message saying “He is backstage, the press is taking pictures and he is answering some questions, gossip people”. Well, something like that because I wrote it in spanish LOL
      I can’t believe it. In fact, he presented the last award of the evening. But people just talk without knowing the circumstances ¡Ternutitas! *rolling eyes*

  2. You have been busy week, wait until the Oscars.
    I was just on the IMDB boards and there are some pretty stupid comments about the movie and Javier. I think some people have to much time on their hands so they like to go online and try to start up trouble with the the fans of actors and movies.
    I notice a lot of stuff brought up about Javier and his family is their political views, he made a few comments about our former US President Bush on Charlie Rose which made me cringe (not that I’m a fan of the ex pres.), but part of living in a free world is freedom of speech.
    Now on to the movie, I thought Javier’s performance was great. I feel he pulled off the character perfectly, I was amazed not only by his acting but his physical appearance. So much has been brought up about Christian Bale loosing weight for the Fighter, but people in the audience gasped when he had no clothes on. What annoyed me about the movie was the shaky filming and the cheesy background music, plus the story lines for the chinese and africans didn’t seem complete. This is not Inaratu’s best movie which is probably what is going to hurt Javier’s chances at the Oscars. Acting wise I think Javier beats Colin Firth hands down, but King’s Speech is a better movie which helps it’s nominated actors. Have you had a chance to see any of the other movies that have been nominated this year?

    • You have been busy week, wait until the Oscars.

      Tell me about it. LOL

      Have you had a chance to see any of the other movies that have been nominated this year?

      I’ve seen:
      “The social network”. Despite the good critics, I think it’s… boring!!!. LOL
      “The fighter”. It’s not good but it’s not bad. Average film. I wouldn’t see it again.
      “Toy story 3”. It’s BEAUTIFUL. I loved it!!! I won’t say more cause I’m going to cry :´(
      “The king’s speech”. Probably I’ll see it this weekend. I’ve heard great comments on it.
      “True grit”. The “true”(lol) is Westerns are not my thing, oops LOL
      “127 hours”. I remember James Franco in Spider Man, that’s all. But I think he does a good job.
      “Black swan”. I loved the music of the “Swan Lake” but who doesn’t? 😛 It was good, but I wouldn’t see it again, either.
      “Inception” I have the dvd but I haven’t’ had time to watch it 😛

      About this:

      I have a couple of questions about the last video, when Javier is posing with the group of people is the man on his right the actor that played his brother in Biutiful?

      Yes, that’s Eduard Fernandez. They had already worked together in “Los Lobos de Washington”. By the way, finding the dvd of the movie was an odyssey. I probably went to 5 different stores, but I found it 😛

      And who is the woman posing with his mom?

      No, idea. Maybe a friend. At the end of the event his mom gets into the car only with Javier, Carlos and Carlos’s girlfriend.

  3. Wow you watch as many movies as I do, I’m impressed. I need to see Toy Story 3, it’s on my netflix. I’m going to see Blue Valentine this weekend, it didn’t get nominated for best picture but it has gotten a lot of actor nominations.
    Los Lobos de Washington is the one movie I haven’t seen yet, finding spanish movie dvd’s that are in my dvd region is not easy, the copy of Jamon Jamon I bought was region free so I had to watch it on my computer, it was worth it watch the ham fight at the end.
    Thanks for getting me that info about the pics, I thought that was Eduard, i didn’t think he looked much like Javier to play his brother, but to be honest I don’t think Javier and Carlos look alike at all, his brother seems to like the young girls. I was laughing at the one video where they are leaving the show, could they have not parked that car further away and that reporter was persistent

    • his brother seems to like the young girls

      He was with a girl from Holland or some country in Europe, then he returned with his old girlfriend, they broke up again. Then he was seen with a girl (I don’t know she is the same girl of the video) but I read that his girlfriend is a porno star. Wow! LOL

      but to be honest I don’t think Javier and Carlos look alike at all

      You’re right. Javier’s sister looks like Pilar Bardem (a lot) and Javier looks like his father. But Carlos… ??? LOL

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