Goya Awards/Premios Goya

Javier winning his 5th Goya. more to come  😉

Javier recibe su 5to. Goya. Viene más  😉

Source, fuente: TVE


One thought on “Goya Awards/Premios Goya

  1. I’m so happy for him, I just saw the movie today and it seemed like everyone in the audience really enjoyed it, which is saying a lot for a middle america. I did see some faults with the secondary story lines and I think a lot of the symbolism might have gotten lost on some people, I would have been probably confused if I hadn’t seen so many interviews and read enough forums about it. It definitely could have stood to have been cut down by about 15-25 minutes, people were starting to squirm by the end. The only best actor performance I haven’t seen yet is James Franco, I love Colin Firth and he was great in Kings Speech, but I felt Javier’s Uxbal had more depth and meat to his character, that being said Javier has already won an Oscar, Biutiful is a dark foreign film that has had limited release, so I feel Colin will probably be the winner this year, which is sad but that’s the politics of the Oscars and most award shows.

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