Goya Awards/Premios Goya

This weekend will be the Goya Awards. We´ll find out if Javier gets his 5th Goya. Here is a countdown of each Goya that Javier has won. Sorry for the blurry pictures, but the images were taken from old clips  😉  Hope you like it. Many people will find out that Javier is not only “NCFOM”.

**Javier will be with Jimmy Kimmel on February 16th. Thanks for the info, Cat  😉  **

Este fin de semana son los Premios Goya. Sabremos sí Javier se llevará a casa su quinto “cabezón”. Aquí un recuento de los Goya que ha ganado Javier. Perdón por las imágenes, pero los clips ya son viejos  😉  Espero les guste. Así mucha gente sabrá que Javier no sólo es el malo de “No country for Old Men”.

** Javier estará este Miércoles 16 en el show de Jimmy Kimel**

Source, fuente:TVE


3 thoughts on “Goya Awards/Premios Goya

  1. Do you know if he’s the favorite for winning the Goya? For the Oscars Colin Firth seems to be the favorite. I get to see Biutiful tomorrow, I’ll give my review later.

    • Today I’ve read several articles on the BAFTA winners however Javier is the favorite for the Goya. There are some reporters who say that Javier will win the award but he won’t pose with the award or give any interview :-/ who knows?

  2. Wow that would seem rude, I wonder why he would do that? He’s got to realize that he’s famous and he married an even more famous wife that just had his baby, so people are going to ask questions, he should just thank people for the well wishes and move on the next question.
    I hope it’s not true and that he wins, it’s hard to know what to believe on some of the news/gossip sights, it does seem like there is a lot of hate towards him and Penelope on the spanish sites.

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