Where will Javier be this month? :

NPR Fresh Air February 3rd 

Academy Awards Luncheon (live webcast) February 7th  Noon Pacific Time (Thanks Cat for the info) 😉

Jay Leno Show February 8th

Goya Awards February 13th

The Ellen DeGeners show February 16th (Thanks Cat, for the info)  😉

Academy Awards February 27th

Fechas de los programas de TV y radio en los que podremos ver y escuchar a Javier:

NPR Fresh Air 3 de Febrero

Almuerzo para los Nominados al Oscar(transmisión por internet de dicho evento) Febrero 7 al mediodía

Show de Jay Leno 8 de Febrero

Premios Goya 13 de Febrero

The Ellen DeGeners show 16 de Febrero

Premios Oscar 27 de Febrero


8 thoughts on “Date*UPDATE*/Fechas*ACTUALIZADO*

  1. He’s supposed to be on the Ellen show Feb. 16th. That should be interesting she’s pretty funny and likes to give gifts to new or expecting parents, i wonder how he would react to being handed an Ellen Onsie:)

  2. Hopefully she will have it up on her website or on youtube. He really needs to get out and promote the performance and movie is he even wants a chance for the Oscar. I’m hoping he will do one of the morning shows, maybe Good Morning America or Today.

  3. Well, I think he will do some show like all the others but he hasn’t any chance for a win and I am sure he knows it….hopefully in a future he could win again but not this time. Firth is going to win this but it was great for him to be able to get a nom.Maybe this nom and performance could help him to get some good role…but if he really wants a good “american” career I say again that he should work hard on his thick accent and quite it a bit because is a limit for him.
    I don’ t think Biutiful can win either…I mean, the rewiews are great for his performance but really not so much for the film.

  4. I believe it’s Firth’s year also, I’ve seen the Kings Speech, I felt Firth was better in a Single Man, but King’s Speech was good. I’ve also seen Jesse E. in Social Network, I feel he plays the same thing in every movie, Jeff Bridges was good in True Grit but it was hard to understand what he was saying. I’ve got 127 hours on DVD and I am going to watch it this weekend and I am still waiting on Biutiful to be released in my area.
    I hate all of the rumors that came out in the last few days about the “supposed affair between Javier and Julia” and how her influence got him the nomination, I would like more people to come out and say he deserved it.

  5. The “supposed affair between Javier and Julia” is just a silly rumor and I don’t think anyone is going to take it seriously…and, to be honest, Julia Roberts at this point of her career for sure doesn’ t have the power and influence to get someone a nomination. But her support and public words, alongside with Sean Penn’s one helped to bring attention on a performance in a gritty foreign language movie that otherwise maybe wouldn’t have it. Even Ben Affleck and Gosling spoke publically in his favor. The reviews I have read in these days and people in the industry clearly think he deserves the nom…but still it was a surprising nom in a foreign gritty divisive movie, so some other actors’ fanboys or stupid bloggers and articles can say it was for JR. Yes, that last spot could have gone to Gosling (but he is young and will have many other opportunities) or Duvall but it was a crafted year.Today are out some italian reviews also and many of them aren’ t that good for Biutiful but they all agree about Javier and how deserved his nomination is.

  6. I agree with you about the rumor, I think it’s terrible that he has to deal with it when it should be one of the happiest times of his life, but I guess that’s part of the job.
    By the way on Monday at Noon pacific time the website is going to have a live webcast of the Oscar luncheon with interviews of the nominees, I’m assuming Javier will be there. I’m just trying to think up of an excuse on how to get out of work early so I can watch it:)

  7. I’ve seen 2 actors of the five nominees. Javier is fine in Biutiful but the Before Night Falls performance, in my personal opinion, is better. I also think Firth will win and I agree with Cat about this boy of the “Social Network”(btw, I didn’t like the movie), he is the same in real life and in the fiction.
    On the affair thing I just can say: if it’s real “bad taste” LOL
    Cat, hope you can watch the Oscar Luncheon 😉

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