Gallery update and more/Galería actualizada y más

I’ve updated the Magazines section. And, I’ve already bought this week issue of ¡Hola!, I’ll post the scans soon 😉

By the way, Javier adds one more nomination to his list. “Los Fotogramas de Plata” will be on March 14th in Spain. In this case, the winners are chosen by the public. There is not organizations, guilds or “members” of something. I’ll keep you posted.

He actualizado la sección de revistas. También ya compré la revista ¡Hola! de esta semana, los scans los subo al blog pronto 😉 .Por cierto, tengo entendido que Javier quedó como finalista en los premios “Fotogramas de Plata”; los resultados se sabrán el 14 de Marzo.


Source, fuente: Various Magazines; Revistas Varias y agencias


5 thoughts on “Gallery update and more/Galería actualizada y más

  1. They are interesting, i bet he doesn’t do either Dark Tower or Bond. If I remember correctly the last time he was nominated for an Oscar there were a whole bunch of rumors out there about movies he had been offered and in the end he waited for months and did Biutiful.
    I would like to see him in Bond, i like where they have gone with the series since Daniel Craig has taken over, he’s more of a darker version than any of the other Bonds. Of course Sam Mendes is reported to direct the new Bond and he’s pretty highly regarded as a director, which Javier seems to like working for esteemed directors.
    I hope an announcement about a new project comes out soon.

  2. I don’t know anything about the Dark Tower.
    The only two things I know is that the story was written by Stephen King and there are 3 books. Oh yes! and I know that many people are upset because Ron Howard wants Javier over Vigo Mortensen(did I spell it right? LOL)
    In that case he would have signed for 3 movies, right?.
    Javier, choose the James Bond movie!!! 😉

  3. I can’t see Javier committing to a series, especially since one of them is supposed to be for television, which is a downgrade unless it’s on HBO or another pay channel.
    I would love to see him with Daniel Craig in the Bond flick.

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