So, according to ¡Hola! magazine, the baby was born last Saturday(January 22nd) and not yesterday. The magazine not only found out the exact day of the birth but also they publish pictures. The magazine is now on newsstands.

Bueno, de acuerdo con la revista ¡Hola!, el bebé de Javier no nació ayer, sino desde el fin de semana; el sábado 22 de Enero para ser más exactos. La revista no solamente trae la exclusiva del día exacto del nacimiento sino también fotos de las familias esperando la llegada del nuevo miembro. La revista ya está en los puestos de periódicos desde hoy.


Talking about corrections, some people need spanish lessons:

papa- means potatoe
Papa (with capital “P”)- means Pope

The right word is:

papá– means father

Please, learn spanish before being so  “creative”  … duh!   

*rolling eyes*

Source, fuente: Revista ¡Hola!


4 thoughts on “Correction/Corrección

  1. They finally made an official statement confirming the baby’s birth on Saturday. Pretty good avoiding the papers for about 4 days, I’m sure the paps stake out Cedar Sinia hospital daily. I wish they would have announced the name, but as private as they probably won’t. Congrats, I hope he looks like Javi!

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