Pics & News/Fotos y Noticias

Then, they were 9.

Biutiful is one of the 9 finalists to compete in the category of Best Foreign Film.  Only 5 films will be chosen. The Academy Awards nominations will be announced next week.

On the other hand, pics of Javier in Venice, California. (Candids page).


Entonces, fueron 9.

Biutiful ha logrado llegar a la etapa semifinal en la categoría a Mejor Película Extranjera. Las 5 películas finalistas y el resto de las nominadas a los Premios de la Academia se darán a conocer la próxima semana.

Por otra parte, aquí les dejo unas fotos de Javier en Venice, California, E.U.. (Página Candis).


Source, fuente: Agencias; Popsugar


7 thoughts on “Pics & News/Fotos y Noticias

  1. Javier enjoying his last days of freedom!!! It’s weird to see him walking a dog, he doesn’t strike me as an animal person.

    • he doesn’t strike me as an animal person.

      I thought the same.
      In that interview I posted in December. Javier and the reporter are walking on the streets in Madrid and Javier mentioned that the hair on his jacket is cat hairs. The reporter asks if he has cats. Javier replied that he has 2. Cool!!! 🙂
      The dog belongs to …you know who LOL 😉

  2. There’s nothing wrong with animals, I have a cat and dog, I still wonder if he had pets before Pe. I wonder if he cleaned up after that dog did it’s business that would have been a funny picture.

  3. No problemo! 🙂 of course I want to know what it means now, because Pe means urine in english slang so that’s not to good either!!!

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