Javier & Conan O’Brien

Here it’s the inteview. Very funny

Aquí la entrevista de Javier en el programa de Conan O’Brien. Divertida 

Some funny moments/Algunas fotos de la entrevista 

We’re men!!! 

Woody woodpecker

The F-bomb 

Source, fuente: Teamcoco.com


18 thoughts on “Javier & Conan O’Brien

  1. Every interview Javier does with Conan is funny. I’m so glad they talked about some different things besides how he got into the business or how hard it was to shoot Biutiful. And congrats to him for making it it into the “F” Bomb hall of fame!

    • Once, Joan Rivers said that “she” needed a translator machine cause nobody couldn’t understand what she was saying. hahaha
      There are many people which mother tongue is not english but you can’t notice the accent.

  2. I feel she has a worse accent, but she speaks so fast and I think she also doesn’t try to loose her accent because it’s part of her appeal (in her mind), I can hardly understand what she’s saying in the new Pirates trailer. Javier talks a lot slower in English, I notice he’s been giving a lot of the same answers in interviews, so he might have certain things memorized for interviews. He seems enamored with Conans hair, is red hair not common in Spain? I assumed it was.
    Rose have you seen Biutiful yet? I have a friend that gets downloads online (yes I know it’s illegal, but sometimes it’s the only way I get to see a movie where I live) and I have him looking for it, but no luck so far. I wonder if he will make it to the Golden Globes on Sunday?

  3. A mi no me interesa como suenen uno u otro en inglés,ya que al final de sus carreras no van a estar mucho tiempo por los estados unidos y más teniendo familia.

    Espero que penelope no acabe nunca con la cara de Joan Rivers 🙂

    El bebe nacera en febrero.

    • Ojalá si pueda asistir a los Goya. Ojalá gane, no creo que Ryan Reynolds gane y mucho menos asista, pero lanzo la pregunta: ¿quién cree que gane? 🙂
      I hope he attend to the Goya Awards. I hope he wins, I don’t think Ryan Reynolds win or attend, but I ask you: Who do you think win? 🙂

  4. Me hace gracia que cuente lo de las doce uvas en la Tv americana 🙂

    Leí hace tiempo que haria una película con Marion Cotillard ¿se sabe algo de eso?

  5. About the accent thing, there is the spanish F1 pilot Fernando Alonso who talks Italian very well and you almost can’ t hear the accent. I think Javier should work hard with a dialogue coach to try to lose his accent as much as possible, so it would be easier for him to find better roles in American movies. I wonder if he will have a project for this year bc there are always many fake rumors but no real things.
    No, I haven’t seen Biutiful yet. I found it online but the quality of the video was very very bad and the audio was even worse, so I didn’ t watch it.
    I don’t think he will be to the GG ceremony, he isn’t nominated so he won’t go. And I think he won’t go to the Oscars either even if Biutiful will get a nom bc I saw a video from 2005 ceremony, when The sea inside won for BFP, and he wasn’ t there.

    Cat, I live in Southern Italy and here there are persons with red hair of course, but they are not very common…so I assume in Spain must be the same.

  6. I hope Javier doesn’t lose his accent, he can do characters with a lightened accent, example NCFOM , but Collateral I had a hard time understanding him, with the right dialect coach a talented actor can get the right region accent. I hate it when actors play a character from another country and don’t even try (Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie I’m talking to you), but there have been actors that have proved they can do it right. Elsa mentioned Marion C. and she did a great job in Public Enemies of sounding American.
    Javier talking about the grape tradition was cool, I had never heard of it before, also the Jan. 6th holiday which was new to me too. I loved him mimicking his mom drinking a smoking the gifts on Leno. I enjoyed him talking about his father and the Oscars at the Palm Springs, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him mention him before, it was sad when he aid he wish he could have been alive to see him win the Oscar.
    Thanks for the red hair info, to be honest I think people with red hair just get teased a lot, my brother is a red head and I’m constantly making fun of him, 60 percent of my family is red heads I dodged a bullet being blond. LOL
    The only movies that have made it online so far is Black Swan, True Grit and Company Men. I’ve seen Black Swan and Tue Grit which are great, I’m going to see King’s Speech this weekend.

  7. I think that keeping having an heavy accent is and will be an huge limit in Hollywood…..at least for him, bc right now she’s going very strong. But as far as him, even being a very talented actor, it doesn’t seem he can get many good roles in American movies. I mean, journalists and even other actors or directors say he is a great actor, one of the best, but then….what is he doing? Nothing. So clearly the problem and the limit is the language and the accent. What surprise me is that he doesn’t work in Spanish movies either.

    Have you seen this?‎

  8. I have a feeling he gets offered a lot of roles, but is very picky. He seems to only want to work with really good directors and actors which he’s at the point of his career where he can be that way. It disheartens me to see someone like Antonio Banderas, who looks like he started his film career in very good Spanish movies just to come to the US to be be some very mediocre straight to video movies and to advertise nasal spray and hotels in commercials. As much as I would like to see Javi in more english speaking roles I have a feeling he gets offered things like mexican drug lord or latin lover (EPL) which seems to get thrown at any spanish speaking actors. I think the Cogans Trade or Potsdamer Plotz movies sound quite interesting, i just don’t see him shooting anything anytime soon. Unfortunately in the US the longer you are out of the spotlight they quickly forget you, awards season is nothing but a popularity contest.
    By the way I was laughing at some of the interviews he’s done when they ask him how he learned english and he says listening to AC/DC albums, I guess bringing up that he learned from his old girlfriend/enlish teacher doesn’t fly to well at home. I wondered why he broke up with her?

  9. Well, he said in an interview that he didn’ t know anything about Cogan Trade so that isn’ t true and Postman Platz doesn’t seem is going to happen. The most interesting for me was Triple frontier but they didn’t mention his involvment anymore so I guess things didn’t work.

  10. Yo no entiendo esa mania de que tiene que perder su acento,el no es americano no tiene porque perder su acento.
    A mi me gustaria que hiciera más cine en Europa,que siguera el camino de gente como Juliette Binoche o Isabelle Huppert.

  11. Elsa I don’t think you have to worry about Javier losing his accent, I hope he continues to make movies both in spanish and english. Unfortunately most foreign movies never make it over the US theaters except in the big cities, i probably won’t even get to see Biutiful until it’s DVD release, so i kind of want him to do more english speaking roles as long as they are quality ones.He seems to split a lot of time between the states and Spain, he and Penelope just purchased a new mansion in California and I guess they are having a new one built in Spain, it must be nice!
    I don’t want him to lose his accent because it’s sexy.
    I saw those pics in diez minutos today, she looks like she’s ready to pop. By the way you mentioned Juliette Bincohe she is one of my favorites, of course my favorite (non Javier movie) is English Patient.
    Cheers, Cat

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