Quick News Part 2/Notas Rápidas Parte 2

1. Rose has posted a youtube video. Check the comments “Quick news”. Thanks for the link Rose  😉

2. Javier on CBS News Sunday Morning tomorrow. Thanks for the info, Cat   😉


1. Rose ha posteado un video de Javier. El vieo está en los comentarios del post “Notas rápidas”.

2. Cat no ha informado que Javier sale mañana en el programa de CBS News Sunday Morning.

Gracias  😉

Source, fuente: youtube&cbs


3 thoughts on “Quick News Part 2/Notas Rápidas Parte 2

  1. Javier is also going to be only PBS’s Tavis Smiley show on Tueday, my DVR is going to work overtime this week.
    It seems like they making a big push for Javier to get a Oscar nomination, I think it angered a lot of people that he was ignored by the Golden Globes and SAG. Hopefully it will work, even big old smiley Julia R. made a plea for him this week.

  2. I just got lucky and found a live feed of the Palm Springs Awards show. Natalie Portman presented the award to Javier, he made a short but sweet acceptance speech, thanking Alejandro and then Penelope. Hopefully there will be some video online tomorrow.

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