Javier Bardem interview on GQ Russia/Fragmentos de la entrevista a Javier en GQ Rusia

Here are some fragments of the interview (Remember, the original text is in russian. I found it in spanish and I’ll try to translate it in english, ok?) uff!! LOL

Javier was talking about his first Academy Award nomination and among other things he said this:

On Terrence Malick:

“He is not just a director but a poet of cinema. The words of his script are extremely beautiful. He’s a humanist. I can’t tell about the film because I don’t even  know what it’s about. ”

“Malick follows uncommon rules. He gives you a summary of the story and the action begins with the shooting. This is what fascinates me because it’s a real adventure”.

About his first nomination:

“I remember the other four nominees and how we took a picture together. Three of my Hollywood colleagues were very nice to me, but the other behaved like a perfect idiot,” says Bardem.

The actor did not reveal the name of the alluded one, but the magazine took the risk and they assumed it was controversial actor Russell Crowe, nominated for Best Actor for Gladiator (2000).

“I’m glad that I didn’t get the (first) Oscar. It would have been too much for someone who started and I had been drifting,” he added.


Ayer, les hablaba de la portada de GQ Rusia del mes de Enero. Ahora salen algunos fragmentos de la entrevista que se le hizo a Javier. Y aquí están:

“Comienzo a rodar con Terrence Malick. No es sólo un director sino un poeta de la cinematografía.
Las palabras de su guión son tremendamente bellas. Es un humanista. No puedo contar de qué va la película porque ni yo mismo lo sé”.

“Malick sigue normas poco ortodoxas. Nos da un resumen de la historia y la acción comienza con el rodaje. Esto es lo que me fascina, ya que es una verdadera aventura”.

“Hace diez años sí que era un ‘latin lover’, ahora soy una persona seria”.

“Recuerdo a los otros cuatro nominados y cómo nos tomaron una fotografía juntos. Tres de mis colegas de Hollywood fueron muy atentos conmigo, pero el otro se comportó como un perfecto gilipollas”, afirma Bardem.

“Me alegro de que no me dieran el (primer) Óscar. Hubiese sido demasiado para alguien que comenzaba y me hubiese llevado a la deriva” , agregó.

Source, fuente:EFE


4 thoughts on “Javier Bardem interview on GQ Russia/Fragmentos de la entrevista a Javier en GQ Rusia

  1. I remember that Oscar show and couldn’t believe that Crowe won, he’s a smug jerk, I have to admit some of his movies are good, Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man, but Gladiator and it’s main star did not deserve the gold they won, that’s what big studio money will buy you.

    • And that year the Golden Globe was for Tom Hanks.
      Before Night Falls was the movie that caught my attention, since then, I’m a fan of Javier Bardem.
      A few years ago I had already seen Boca a Boca and Carne Tremula but I started to like him since 2000.
      Neither Crowe nor Hanks deserved the nominations but you know… *rolling eyes* Anyway…
      Happy New Year to all 🙂

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