Biutiful New York. Nueva York se vuelve Biutiful.

Javier doesn’t stop working. Now, the turn was for New York City. The screening of Biutiful was hosted by the Cinema Society.

After the premiere in Barcelona, Javier took a plane to the Big Apple. However, Javier almost miss the event cause his flight was diverted to Boston due to the bad weather. Here are the pictures (Events page):

***By the way, check out the account of twitter there is a message of Martha Stewart about Javier  😉  ***

Javier no para. Ahora el turno fue para la ciudad de Nueva York. “The Cinema Society” presentó una proyección especial de la película.

Javier tomó un avión hacia la Gran Manzana, sin embargo, casi no llega a la cita, pues su avión fue desviado a Boston debido al mal tiempo. Aquí están las fotos (Página de Eventos):

***Por cierto en la cuenta de twitter hay un mensaje de Martha Stewart sobre Javier, chequénlo   😉   ***


*After the screening, Javier has spent some time with his favorite actor: Al Pacino. Thanks Cat, for the info. Read the comments, Cat told us how was the meeting*   🙂

*Después de la proyección de la película hubo una fiesta y en ella se encontraba el actor favorito de Javier: Al Pacino. En los comentarios Cat nos cuenta los pormenores del encuentro*  🙂

Source, fuente: broadwayworld


3 thoughts on “Biutiful New York. Nueva York se vuelve Biutiful.

  1. The NY Post has some great after-party stories, apparently Javier’s “God” showed up to the party and touched the baby. I’m getting excited for this movie, it seems like forever since he shot it.

  2. I’ll be lucky if it’s in my state by mid-January, but I’ve waited this long. I think you will love those stories in the Post, I guess Pacino came in to say hello after his broadway show yesterday and that was all Javier could talk about, he touched Penlopes belly and he was like God just touched my baby. You got to love it, he also offered his coat to the reporter because it was cold, what a great guy.

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