Interview. Entrevista.


In two weeks Biutiful will be released in Spain (December 3) and the promotion begins now. Well, in fact, the interviewer wanted to have more time to talk to him and discuss other things besides Biutiful. 😉

Javier talks about his career, the first time he was nominated for the Oscar, he also talks about Hollywood and working with directors like Malick, Allen, the Coen brothers or Bigas Luna. By the way, don’t expect any personal questions.

The interview is like a brief introdution for those who don’t know much about his job before  No Country For Old Men. Cause, belive it or not, there are many people who still think his career started with NCFOM. And…No!!! he didn’t appear on Grey’s…  *rolling eyes* LOL

Anyway, here is the clip. Click in the picture  😉 

Entrevista a Javier Bardem antes que comience la promoción de Biutiful en España (Estreno 3 de Diciembre). Personalmente, me hubiera encantado que la entrevista durará más, pero estuvo bien. No hace falta decir más, la entrevista es en español  😉

Aquí está la entrevista. Dar click en la foto para ver el video.

Source, fuente: TVE


2 thoughts on “Interview. Entrevista.

  1. Hola,
    en el observatorio de LQYTD he puesto la información de la entrevista que ayer publicó el suplemento de El País. espero que te sea útil; enhorabuena por el seguimiento!

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