London pics. Fotos tomadas en Londres.

Javier is in Madrid. But here are some pictures taken a few days ago in London. (Página “Candids”)

Javier ahora se encuentra en Madrid. Estas fotos fueron tomadas hace unos días en Londres. (“Candids” page)


Source, fuente: JJB & Dailymail


4 thoughts on “London pics. Fotos tomadas en Londres.

  1. Popsugar just put more of these pics up along with more of his visit to the Presidents office. I guess he’s done shooting the Malick film. I’m liking the shoter haircut.

    • Thanks, I’ve already checked the pics. I haven’t posted them because I’m busy but I’ll post the pics soon 😉
      I think he finished to shoot the movie a few days after his visit to the Morelia Film Festival. Thanks to Malick Javier cut his hair. I like him with short hair and clean, well… I like him unshaved but always with short hair LOL 😉

  2. I actually like the short hair but like a little “scruff” on the face.
    I have a “dumb american” question, I was reading on a spanish newspaper site (with google translation) about spanish surnames which they brought up Javier and Penelope, I guess she uses Cruz which is her fathers name that comes first, but Javier uses Bardem which is actually his mothers that comes second, what technically would be their baby’s last name (which of course is up to them), the way I figured it should be Encinas-cruz, but am I right, in America you pretty much take the fathers name and the mother’s name is lost completely, I find all of this interesting. Thanks for any input.

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